How to Cite APA Refernece in Google Docs

Citation and references take a lot of time for researchers and editors in academic writing. Google Docs provides an ease to cite references by filling in the required fields. In addition, users can create the citation of “Book”, “Journal articles”, “Websites”, “Magazines”, and many more based on their needs. This write-up aims to demonstrate the step-by-step procedure to insert the APA references.

How Do You Cite APA References in Google Docs?

Google Docs has built-in features to add citations of APA references in the document. By considering it, a new document is carried out for adding the references.

Step 1: Invoke Citations Option

Choose the “Citations” option from the “Tools” tab of the menu bar of Google Docs:

Step 2: Choose the APA Citations

It generates the “Citations” window having multiple options in it. In this window, choose the “APA (7th ed)” option to insert the source of the citation:

Step 3: Select the Source Type

The user has multiple options to choose the type of source. We selected the “Journal article” type in this scenario and inserted the required text fields:

Step 4: Fill the Required Fields

After that, a new window will appear, which contains numerous options that need to be filled.

 “GIF” is captured in which the required fields of “Journal article” are inserted. These fields include “Organization name”, “Journal title”, “Volumes”, “Published Month”, “Pages”, “URL”, etc. After inserting the required fields, hit the “Save source” as shown in the above “GIF”:

Step 5: Insert Citation in Google Docs

After inserting the required information, the user can verify in the right window and hit the “Insert References”:

Step 6: Verify the APA References

After pressing the “Insert References” button, the “APA format” has been cited as shown in below figure:

Great Effort! You have experienced the citation of APA references in Google Docs.


Google Docs offers the “Citations” option to cite the APA references from the “Tools” tab. By pressing the option, users can choose different sources such as “Book”, “Websites”, “Journal articles”, etc. After selecting a specific source, fill in the required fields to make the APA references. This guide has explained the step-by-step procedure for citing the APA references in Google Docs.