How to Cite Chicago Style on Google Docs?

Google Docs provides a lot of stuff to editors, researchers, and publishers for making citations. It is helpful to format the reference pages of any books, research papers, magazines, etc., with different formats. By considering its importance, this guide will demonstrate the method to cite the “Chicago” style in Google Docs.

Let’s start this tour of Google Docs.

How to Cite Chicago Style on Google Docs?

Google Docs is famous for writing and editing documents. It offers a variety of built-in functionalities such as citation of “Chicago” style. To do so, this guide will provide a few steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document is considered to have some content already placed in it, as shown in below figure:

Step 2: Choose the Citations Option

To format the citation of “Chicago” style, hit the “Citations” option that comes from the  “Tools” tab of the menu bar:

Step 3: Pick the “Chicago” Format

Choose the “Chicago Author-Date (17th ed.)” format in the “Citations” window to insert some information in it:

Step 4: Choose the Source Type

To add the citation style, select the source type as “Journal article” in the dropdown list as below:

After that, pick one option from “Print”, “Website”, and “Online database” in which the document is accessible:

Step 5: Add Citation Information

A “GIF” has been captured in which some content is placed in it regarding “Author Name”, “Journal title”, “Published Data”, “Published Month”, “Published Year”, etc. After adding citation information, hit the “Save source” button as shown below:

Step 6: Insert References

For inserting the “Chicago” style citation, hit the “Insert References” button after confirmation of content in the side window:

Step 7: Citation of Chicago Style

In this step, users can verify that the “Chicago” style has been cited after inserting dummy information as below:

That is from this guide.


Google Docs enables users to cite the “Chicago” style by pressing the “Citations” from the “Tools” tab. After that, it requires some information such as “Author Name”, “Journal title”, “Published Data”, “Published Month”, “Published Year”, etc. This article has covered all aspects of citing the “Chicago” style in Google Docs.