How to Collaborate in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a famous collaborating tool on which multiple users can perform actions on the same document. Google Docs has an interesting feature to specify different roles, such as Editor, Commenter, and Viewers having different privileges to modify documents. The purpose of this guide is to explain the step-by-step procedure to collaborate the Google Docs with others:

The content that supports this guide is as follows:

Let’s start with the first one.

Method 1: Use the Share Button to Collaborate in Google Docs

Google Docs makes life easier for its users by providing access to multiple users via the “Share” button. It is useful for enhancing document quality by performing modifications to it. The step-by-step procedure is explained here for usage of the “Share” button:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document is carried out having some important information placed here that can be visualized below:

Step 2: Share the Document

Click the “Share” button located at the top right corner of the window. A new window will open that can be seen below:

Step 3: Write the Email Address

Type the email address of those with whom you want to collaborate in Google Docs. Additionally, the user can write a specific message in the “Message” box and mark the “Notify people”, which will notify the particular person via email:

Step 4: Assign Specific Role

Google Docs provides an option to give a particular role, such as “Viewer” that can only view a shared document, “Commenter” for giving suggestions, and “Editor” that can edit documents. After that, hit the “Send” button to give a specific role:

That is all from the collaboration via the Share button.

Method 2: Use the “Share with others” Option to Collaborate in Google Docs

An alternative way to collaborate with people in Google Docs is possible by invoking the “Share” option. To do so, navigate to the “File” tab and then hover over the “Share” option to get “Share with others”:

It navigates to the new window on which you can change the option from “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link” to give access to other users:

In this scenario, choose the “Anyone with the link” option and assign a role “Viewer”. Furthermore, hit the “Copy link” that enables the users to copy the link, which can be shared with anyone:

That is from the guide to collaborating with people.

Note: Once the sharing window is opened, you can follow the steps of “Method 1” or “Method 2”. Both will result in sharing the document.

Method 3: How to Collaborate in Mobile Google Docs?

Google Docs offers various features in the mobile application to collaborate with the users. It can be easily accessible with a few clicks. The step by steps are performed to achieve this task:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing document in mobile Google Docs is carried out, hit the “Document Outline” icon that is located at the right corner of the window, as seen below:

Step 2: Choose the “Share and export” option

To access the sharing feature of Google Docs, hit the “Share and export” option in the dropdown list:

It navigates to the “Share and export” window having “Share” and “Copy link” options which you can be utilized to add people for collaboration:

That is all from this guide.


To collaborate with single or multiple users, Google Docs offers the “Share” button at the top right of the window. The owner of the document can add people by specifying roles such as “Viewer”, “Editor”, and “Commenter”. Apart from that, the “Copy link” option enables the users to participate in the document according to the specified role. The collaboration feature can also be enabled from the Google Docs mobile app. This post has explained step-by-step instructions to collaborate with people in Google Docs.