How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets

Google Sheets are spreadsheets similar to Microsoft Excel in which users can manage their data by applying different formulas. Users will find the Google Sheets identical to Microsoft Excel as most of the features are the same. 

If the users are working on Excel and want to switch to Google Sheets without losing their current work, then it is the proper blog. In this blog, step by step guide is discussed for converting Excel to Google Sheets. 

What is the Difference Between Excel and Google Sheets?

The differences between Excel and Google Sheets are:

  • Excel is part of the “Microsoft suite” which is purchased whereas the Google Sheets are part of the Google account which is free of cost
  • Excel can be used after installing it on the computer where the Google Sheets can be accessed online from any device
  • Excel can be accessed by one person at a time whereas more than one user can access the Google Sheets

How to Convert Excel to Google Sheets?

There are two different methods for converting Excel to Google Sheets:

  1. Uploading Excel on Google Drive
  2. Using the Import function

All these methods are explained in detail in the next sections with the help of examples. 

Method 1: Uploading Excel on Google Drive

In this method, users are required to use their Google Drive and upload the Excel sheet, and it will automatically be converted to Google Sheets. This is demonstrated in easy steps:

Step 1: Sign in to Google Drive

First sign in to the Google Drive account by visiting the link:

Step 2: Upload the Excel File

Now, click on the “New” button:

Then upload the Excel file by clicking on the “File upload”:

The Excel file with the name “Student Results.xlsx” has been uploaded. 

Step 3: Open the Uploaded File

Right-click on the uploaded file, and then “Open with”:

A drop-down menu will appear, then click on the “Google Sheets”:

The file has been opened in the “Google Sheets”:

Method 2: Using the “Import” Function of Google Sheets

Open a new Blank Google Sheet:

Then click on the “File”, a drop-down menu will appear, and then click on the “Import” option:

A menu will appear, click on “Upload” and then choose the file after clicking on the “Browse” button:

Then click on “Import data” and the file has been uploaded:

The file has been opened:

Now click on the “File” and then “Save as Google Sheets”:

The Excel file has been saved as Google Sheets. 

How to Convert all Uploaded Excel Files to Google Sheets?

To convert the uploaded Excel files to the Google Sheets, click on the “Gear” icon and then on “Settings”:

Then check the box “Convert uploads to Google Docs editor format” in the “Convert uploads” section:

Now all the future upload files will be converted to Google Sheets automatically. 


To convert Excel to Google Sheets, upload the Excel file to Google Drive, then right-click on the uploaded file and open it with “Google Sheets”. This blog helps readers in understanding the conversion of Excel to Google Sheets by different methods.