Efficient Methods for Converting Google Sheets to Excel

Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel are the go-to tools for managing and analyzing data in the modern digital age. Both platforms are widely utilized by both professionals and regular users and offer strong functionality. But occasionally, whether because of compatibility difficulties or the necessity to work with Excel users, you might need to convert Google Sheets to Excel.

In this article, the method of conversion of Google Sheets to Excel will be explored with the help of its demonstration. 

Why Convert Google Sheets to Excel?

There are different reasons to convert Google Sheets to Excel but the major of these reasons are: 

  • Compatibility issues between Google Sheets and Excel: Excel and Google Sheets use two different file types, so they might not always work together. When sharing or working together with Excel users, converting Google Sheets to Excel ensures that the data and formatting are preserved.
  • Collaborating with Excel users: If you’re collaborating on a project with people who primarily use Excel, switching from Google Sheets to Excel helps the users in communication.
  • Leveraging Excel’s advanced features: Excel includes a huge collection of advanced functionalities that can improve data analysis, reporting, and visualization while Google Sheets offers a wide range of functionality.
  • Compatibility with specialized Excel templates and add-ons: Excel offers a huge collection of specialized add-ons and templates that are targeted to particular markets and use situations.
  • Presentation and reporting requirements: You might occasionally need to show or distribute data in a certain format, like an Excel file.

How to Convert Google Sheets to Excel?

To convert Google Sheets to Excel, we can download the Google Sheets in the Excel format. To do so, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the Google Sheet 

First, open the Google Sheet which is supposed to convert to Excel, for example, we will open the “Student Results”:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel6

Step 2: Choose the Download Option in Google Sheets

When the Google Sheet is opened, click on the “File” in the menu tab:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel5

A drop-down menu will appear, move the cursor to the “Download” option:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel4

Step 3: Choose the Format of Google Sheets

Another drop-down menu will appear with different format options, choose “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” to download the spreadsheet in Excel format:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel3

Step 4: Navigate to the Download Folder

When the file is downloaded, navigate to the “Download” folder where all the files are downloaded:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel2

Step 5: Open the Downloaded Excel File

To confirm the conversion of Google Sheets to Excel, open the downloaded file:

Converting Google Sheets to Excel1

The downloaded Google Sheet has successfully converted to Excel. 


To convert Google Sheets to Excel, open the Google Sheet, click on “File” and choose “Downloads” in the drop-down menu. Another menu will open offering different formats, choose the “Microsoft Excel” format. In this blog, the method of converting Google Sheets to Excel has been demonstrated with the help of real-time examples. Excel provides different functionalities such as formula implementation which help to make the financial analysis. To enjoy these functionalities of Excel, Google Sheets are converted to Excel.