How to Create an AFK Channel on Discord

With its advanced communication capabilities, Discord has been known as the preferred network for gamers, communities, and teams. However, there comes a moment when members must temporarily leave any healthy society. The AFK (Away From Keyboard) channel is useful in this situation. Users can set up an AFK channel using a wonderful feature that is included in it. 

It’s simple to find, connect and speak with friends. Thanks to Discord, the text and voice chat application, which was created for gamers and other social communities.

This post will explain the value of setting up an AFK channel on Discord and give you step-by-step instructions on how to do it correctly.

What is the AFK Channel on Discord?

On Discord, there are special chat channels where members can mark their temporary absence or inactivity as “Away From Keyboard“. Members can notify others that they are gone and not actively participating in talks in this specific area of the server.

An AFK channel’s goal is to support productive conversation on a Discord server. By using this, they let other team members know that they are now unavailable, which minimizes interruptions and avoids misunderstandings.

How Do I Use the Desktop to Set Up an AFK Channel on Discord Using the PC?

Follow the below-mentioned instructions, to set up an AFK Channel on Discord.

Step 1: Access Discord Server Settings

First, click on the “Server” name in Discord to create a channel in it. For example, consider the “maddox’s server”, in which a new AFK Channel will be created:

Step 2: Adding a New Channel

Decide whether the channel will be a “Text Channel” or a “Voice Channel” after gaining access to the server. When it is decided, then click on the “+” icon in front of the channel type, for example, we create the “Voice Channel”, so click on the “+” icon:

Again, define the type of channel, name the channel with “AFK-Channel” and also define the privacy setting of the channel. When all is set, then click on “Next”:

Add the members and roles to the new AFK-Channel and click on “Create Channel”:

The AFK Channel has been successfully created on Discord. 

How to Choose Appropriate Settings for the AFK Channel in Discord?

Click on the “Server’s Name” and access the “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu, to set the inactive time of the AFK Channel:

Now, choose the “AFK-Channel” from the “INACTIVE CHANNEL”, then, choose “INACTIVE TIMEOUT” for the AFK channel. When the time is set, then click on “Save Changes” to save the settings and hit the “ESC” icon to close the settings:

The inactive time has been set for the AFK channel. 

How do I Create an AFK Channel in Discord Using my iPhone, iPad, or Android device?

To make an AFK Channel in Discord on Android, iPhone, and iPad, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Access the Server

Open the application of “Discord” and click on the “Server” name where AFK Channel is supposed to create:

Step 2: Create a Channel

Click on the “+” icon in front of either “Voice Channels” or “Text Channels” depending on the type of “AFK” channel:

Then, name the channel with “afk-channel”, choose its type, and then select the privacy of the channel. When all the settings are done, hit the “Create” button:

Verify the new “afk-channel” in the server:

Step 3: Set the Inactive Time of AFK-Channel

Click on the “Three dots” next to the server’s name to access the “Server Settings”:

Then, from the “Server Settings”, click on the “Overview” option:

Select the “afk-channel” in the “Inactive Channel” and choose the “Inactive Timeout”. When both parameters are chosen, press the “Save” to store the settings:

In this way, the AFK channel can be created on mobile and tablets. 


To create an AFK Channel on Discord using the Computer, choose the server and then create a new channel. Define the type and privacy of the AFK channel. After that, press the “Create Channel” button to create a channel. The inactive timeout of the AFK channel can also be set in Discord. This post has explained all the steps to create an AFK channel on mobile and PC.