How to Create a Custom Workout Template in Google Sheets

The workout template is the spreadsheet that helps you to monitor your fitness activities like exercise, running, and weight. This template contains information on different categories in the rows and columns such as the weight lifted on different dates and miles covered while running. The workout template in Google Sheets helps you to track your performance by setting different goals. 

The workout template in Google Sheets is a useful tool for all those persons who are serious about fitness. This blog will help the readers to create a custom workout template in Google Sheets. 

Why We Create a Custom Workout Template?

For a variety of reasons, making a unique workout template in Google Sheets can be helpful which are:

  • Track your progress: You can quickly see how you’re progressing over time by keeping track of your workouts in a spreadsheet. This might assist you in maintaining motivation and, if necessary, modifying your regimen.
  • Plan ahead: Using a training template, you can schedule exercises, sets, reps, and weights for your sessions in advance. You can stay on schedule and avoid skipping exercises by doing this.
  • Analyse data: You can quickly analyze data and see patterns by keeping track of your exercises in a spreadsheet. You can find out, for instance, which workouts are most successful for you or which days of the week you work out the most.

How to Create a Custom Workout Template?

To create a custom workout template in Google Sheets, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open a New Google Sheet

First, open Google Sheets, then click on “Blank” to start a new spreadsheet:

Step 2: Create a Table in Google Sheets

Create a table in Google Sheets and to do so, select the columns and rows which are required. Then click on the “Borders” icon to create the borders of the table:

Now the table is created in Google Sheets:

Step 3: Complete the Formatting of the Table

When the table is created, type the headings for the information in the first row:

Mark all the headings “Bold” and align them in the middle by selecting their respective icons:

The formatting of the table is completed, you can customize it by your own choice as well:

Step 4: Save the Template in Google Sheets

Now save the basic template by clicking on the “File” in the menu bar. Then choose “Make a copy”:

Now assign a new name to the  created template and click on “Make a copy” to save it: 

The basic workout template has been created which can be shared with other people as well. You can modify this basic template according to your choice by adding more columns and rows in the table. 


To create a custom workout template in Google Sheets, open the new blank Google Sheet and create a table with the specified information. This blog demonstrates the creation of a basic workout template that can be modified by individuals’ preferences.