How to Create Discord Profile Pictures

Your first impression is the last impression! Profile pictures are the major part of every platform that lets others recognize or be attracted to your portfolio. As Discord gives its users leverage from profiles by allowing them to use GIFs, animation, and images. Hence, all you need is a perfect profile picture that becomes an eye star for everyone.

So, let’s explore how Discord profile pictures can be created using different tools.

Create Discord Profile Pictures

Discord profile pictures are also known as Discord pfps. They can start from “128 x 128” and go above until the ratio stays 1:1. Ensure the Discord profile picture size does not exceed 8 MB. To create profile pictures in Discord, we will go through different methods:

  1. Using Online Discord Profile Creators
  2. Using AI Image Generator

Using Online Discord Profile Creators

There are multiple Discord profile creators available on the internet, however, here we will utilize the Discord Avatar Maker app to generate the Discord profile.

Create Discord Static Profile Picture

To do so, access the “Discord Avatar Maker app” and select the upload icon from the body section that is located in the bottom left.

Clicking on upload will allow you to select the image from the device storage or directly drag and drop an image into it.

Image can be scaled to shorter or bigger according to preferences as can be seen below.

To adjust the surrounding color, use the background section from the bottom left. Moreover, any custom background can be uploaded using the upload icon.

Once all set, utilize that download button to save the profile icon to the storage. Consider adjusting the settings using the gear icon before downloading the image according to your needs.

Image settings allow to set appropriate sizes and provide multiple background options, such as saving a round image.

Create a Discord Animated Profile Picture

To create the animated Discord profile using the same tool, simply select the “Animate” option from the top.

Scroll below to select the “Effects” and “Body animations” to add some awesome moments to the image. We can also use the dice button to randomly select any animation quickly for our Discord profile picture.

Quickly Create a Discord Profile

Discord Avatar Maker allows us to use the fan-made PFP/server logo generator option to quickly create/select a Discord profile. For this purpose, utilize the dice button until the one image appears that fits according to the desired profile needs.

Alternate Online Tools to Create Discord Profiles

There are numerous tools that allow to create users Discord profiles, some of them are listed below:

  • Creavite (
  • Fotor (
  • Canva (
  • Looka (
  • Kapwing (

Using Midjourney to Create AI-Generated Discord Profile

Midjourney is trending in the artificial intelligence world, assisting in generating images using the text language, instantly. To use it for creating the Discord profile, we have to add a Midjourney bot to the server first, for that, read this dedicated guide

After adding the Midjourney bot, utilize the command to generate the desired Discord profile in no time.

/imagin [prompt]

Let’s generate an example image from Midjourney for the Discord profile.

/imagine Create an animated duck logo with green head

All we have to do is save and upload it on our Discord.

Alternate AI Tools to Generate Discord Profiles

There are plenty of AI image generators on the internet and a few of them are mentioned below to fulfill the purpose of Discord profile pictures:

  • DALL·E
  • Picsart
  • Canva
  • Deepai
  • Freepik

What Factors Need to be Considered For Making A Discord PFP?

Creating a Discord profile is easier, however, making it attractive is quite a tricky task as it involves different factors, such as resolution, colors, and textures.


Resolution is important as it can make the image look blurry when set in a specific place. So, ensuring the right resolution is a must.


Colors scheme makes an eye stop forcefully when something seems attractive to it. Hence, using eye-catching or prominent colors in a Discord profile is a great way to get attention.


If the theme of the profile demands textures, then utilizing them in such a way leaves an impact in the viewer’s mind. As an example, the texture color could be opposite of the background and must be bold so it can be readable.

Bonus Tip: Getting Ready-Made Profile Pictures

There is no such store or feature in Discord that lets users create or download ready-made avatars for their profile pictures. However, there are multiple tools on the internet that can assist one in getting their new profile.

The one we can utilize here is to get ready-made pfps in different categories, such as funny, cool, and anime.

Simply get into the desired category, choose the image, hover on it, and click on the download button. Next, the image will be opened in a new tab with a bigger size; right-click and select the “Save image as…” option. 

Now, edit the profile and upload the new one from the device storage.

That’s all about creating Discord profile pictures.


To create a Discord profile, we can use the “online Discord profile creator tools” or “Midjounrey” to generate an AI-based image. Moreover, built-in images and gifs can also be downloaded from a platform named “kudos”. In this post, we have learned the process of making profile profile pictures (pfps) for Discord.