How to Create a Discord Server?

In recent years, Discord has become a go-to communication platform due to its customization and user-friendly interface. One of the main functionalities of the Discord application is the ability for users to create servers, and to have discussions with those users who share similar interests. So if someone is a beginner or unaware of how to create a server then read this article to get the in-depth detail using the below outline.

  1. How to Create a Discord Server?
  2. Discord Server Templates
  3. Discord Server Settings and Configurations

How to Create a Discord Server?

To set up a Discord server, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Click on the “+” Icon

Firstly, we need to open the Discord desktop application and then click on the “+” icon which is used to “Add a Server”:

Step 2: Select “Create My Own”

Upon doing so, users are provided with different templates. We can choose any built-in template to create the server or create the server from scratch by clicking on the “Create My Own” option:

After that, we will find two different options to create a server, so if a user plans to create a public server, they should choose the “For a club or community” option. To create a private server for yourself and your friends, choose “For me and my friends” option: 

Step 3: Set a Server Name

The last step is to provide a server name that a user wants to set and click on the “Create” button to create a server:

Discord Server Templates

A user can create a server based on different available templates which are “Gaming”, “School Club” and “Study Group”. One key benefit of these templates is that they come with built-in channels and users don’t have to create them manually which will save time:

Discord Server Settings and Configurations

After creating a server, it is important to configure the server settings to make it more secure and user-friendly. Here are some important server settings and configurations:

Server Region: The server region determines the physical location of the server which affects the server’s performance, especially when using voice or video communication. It is important to choose the server region that is closest to the majority of the server’s members for optimal performance.

Roles and Permissions: Roles and permissions allow server administrators to manage members and control what they can do within the server.

Server Channels: There can be multiple channels within a server, and each serves a different purpose to interact with members such as text channels, discussion, or voice channels.

Integrations: Discord servers can be integrated with other apps and services, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Spotify. This helps us to enhance the server’s functionality and provide a better user experience.

This is all about creating and managing a Discord server.


Discord servers are powerful tools for creating and managing online communities. Users can find like-minded people who can communicate with one another on their favorite topics. If someone wants to create their own server, this could be done by clicking on the “+” sign from the left menu bar. Next, choose either a public server or a private server and provide the server’s name to create it. This article has explained the steps required to create a Discord server.