How to Create a Folder in Google Docs?

Google Docs is a famous online editor tool by providing sharable features to its users. Users can create folders in Google Drive using Google Docs to store multiple documents/files at one location. Considering its importance, this tutorial demonstrates two methods to create a folder using Google Docs. It is useful to manage all records efficiently by creating a folder with a particular name.

This article will describe the method for creating a folder using Google Docs.

Creating a Folder in Google Docs?

Google Docs allows users to create a folder quickly and place that document in the folder. A method is considered in which users can utilize the “Move icon”to store the existing Google Docs in a particular folder. The method requires some explanation, which is provided below:

After pressing the “Move icon”, it generates a dropdown list, and a “Folder”buttonis placed at the end of the list, as shown in the below figure:

Hit the “Folder” button that generates an “Untitled folder”on which the user renames the folder according to its needs:

Rename the folder with “Personal Document”and hit the “Move here” button as shown below screenshot:

After pressing the “Move here” button, the “Google_Docs” file will be stored in the “Personal Document” folder as shown in the below figure:

Here you go! The folder has been created, and the file is stored in it.

Bonus Tip: Using Google Drive to Create a Folder in Google Docs

This is an additional method as most users create folders using Google Drive. The procedure is discussed below to create a folder in Google Docs:

Open Google Drive and click on the “New” button placed on the left pane as shown below:

Select the “New folder”option in the dropdown list as shown below:

It navigates to the new window where users can rename the folder name, such as “Office Work”.

The folder is created with the name “Office Work” in Google Drive, which can be verified by the below-mentioned screenshot:

Now, one can create Google Docs, Sheets, or whatever is allowed in Google Drive as we have created a Google Docs:

Rename the Google Docs, such as “Office Day 1 Report”in the “Office Work”folder. Moreover, the user can write text in the current document based on its needs:

Good Luck! You have learned the easiest method for creating the folder in Google Docs.


In Google Docs, the “Move” icon is utilized to create a folder by selecting the “Folder” button. Moreover, the “New” button in Google Drive provides an alternative method for creating the folder in Google Docs. Both these methods are useful for storing new or existing Google Docs in particular folder names. This article has discussed all possible methods for creating a folder using Google Docs.