How to Create a Google Docs Form?

Google Docs Form is a web-based information collection utility to collect data from specific communities/groups of people in one place. It is utilized for filling out questionnaires, free polls, quizzes, and surveys of products and services. After gathering information, you can analyze the statistics or records in numerical and graphical representation. Keeping in view the importance of Google Docs forms, this post will demonstrate the method to create Google Docs forms.

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How to Create a Google Docs Form?

Google Docs Form simplifies information gathering for academic researchers. To create a Google Docs Form, the step-by-step instructions are as follows:

Step 1: Open Google Docs Form

 To open the “Google Docs Form”, select the “Forms” icon by pressing the dots located at the top right corner of the browser window:

Note: You can access the “Google Docs Forms” via

Step 2: Open Blank Forms

Navigate to the “Forms” window, where users can choose the “Blank” or built-in templates. In this case, select the “Blank” icon to create a Google Docs Form:

Step 3: Rename Google Docs Forms Title

 An untitled forms window has been opened on which users can rename the title with the form description as shown below:

Step 3: Write Questions in Forms

After that, users can type the question in the text field, as highlighted below. Additionally, choose different formats of questions by pressing the dropdown button as below:

Step 5: Select the Short Answer Option

By choosing the “Short answer” option in the side window, a section will be added with two text fields. In these fields, you can add text according to their requirement:

Step 6: Add Multiple Choice Option

After choosing the “Multiple choice” option in the dropdown list, you can write more than one option, such as “15-20” and “20-23”, etc.:

Step 7: Add Questions Section

For adding a new question in Google Docs Forms, pick the “Add question” icon located at the bottom of the window:

Step 8: Add Formatting in Text

In Google Docs Form, different formatting icons are available such as “Bold text”, “Italic”, “Underlined”, and “Insert link”, etc. which you can utilize in your scenarios:

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Google Docs Form can be created by pressing the “Blank” form via or the“Forms” icon in the browser window. After the opening window, users have a variety of options such as the “Add questions” section, “Insert images”, “Short answers”, “Multiple choices”, and many more. This guide has provided the step-by-step procedure to create a Google Docs Form.