Creating Custom Commands with Discord Bots

Discord bots are an eye start for users who are managing or growing their communities through the Discord server. With the bundle of awesome features, bots let the users do whatever they wish to do, such as auto-assigning roles, automatically welcoming new users, or creating custom commands.

This article will explain how custom commands can be created to use them in the Discord servers.

Creating Custom Commands With Discord Bots

Discord bots are trying to take the game even one step ahead from the advanced level. They are letting the users create their own custom commands and use them within Discord.

The two methods that we will use for making the Discord custom command are listed below:

  1. Creating Discord Custom Command Using MEE6 Bot
  2. Creating Discord Custom Command Using Dyno Bot

Creating Discord Custom Command Using MEE6 Bot

MEE6 bot is full of options providing the highest level of features in management or entertainment with a user-friendly interface. We can use the Discord MEE6 bot to add and use custom commands to our Discord server. To do so, access the MEE6 official website and log/sign in using the Discord account.

Clicking on “Log in with Discord” will automatically create an account for us by requiring a few permissions. Authorization is required to complete the account creation on MEE6.

Next, select the desired server and click on the “Setup” button.

This will initiate the process of bot integration with the specified server in a new window; simply click on “Continue”.

Now, let the MEE6 bot have the required permission using the “Authorize” button

Discord uses hCpatcha services to verify the authenticity of the traffic, so, verify this if it appears.

After this, the MEE6 dashboard can be seen on the screen. Select the “Custom Commands” option using the left panel.

Enable the custom commands module by clicking on “Active Custom Commands”.

Choose the “+” icon that is located in front of the new custom command to proceed further.

Pick one type of action that needs to be performed on the compilation of commands.

Fill in the necessary details to assign actions to the custom command:

  1. Set the custom command name as we have written “my-new-command” for now.
  2. Choose whether the response of the bot will be private or public with respect to the server.
  3. Write the message that will be shown in the output of the command.
  1. Embed the header, footer, image, title, description, and logo in the output of the command using the “+ Add embeds” button.
  1. Make the bot pick a random message from multiple ones to send in the output. To do so, add more messages or embed more details if necessary.
  1. Another section can also be added along with the type of the command response.
  1. To manage the “Advance options and permissions”, use the dropdown to expand the section and set it according to the preferences.
  1. Lastly, hit “Save & Close” to save the changes.

The custom command has been added successfully and is ready to use in the Discord server.

Execute the command that we set before to verify the working:


The MEE6 bot allows users to add and use only a single command to its users who have not purchased a premium plan. In case of adding multiple custom commands without a premium plan, follow the next method.

Creating Discord Custom Command Using Dyno Bot

Dyno bot is one of those Discord bots that provides all essential features with strong customization options that make the server control even better. Dyno bot contains multiple features, such as reaction roles, auto roles, moderation, anti-spam, starboard, web configuration, and custom commands. To set up custom commands using the dyno bot for the server, follow the next section to get started.

Visit the Dyno bot’s official website, and click the “Login with Discord” button to create an account or log into the existing account. 

As we are logging in with Dyno for the first time, it will create a new account for us by acquiring access to some Discord account details; press “Authorize”.

In the next step, select the server where the Dyno bot is added or needs to be added.

As the Dyno bot was not present on the server, the setup process for Dyno will get started automatically. So, choose the server in which we are willing to add the bot and press continue.

Review the permissions that are required by Dyno and press “Authorize”.

A welcome wizard will appear on the screen; select the prefix from which the command should be started and set the timezone according to the state. By default, Dyno sets the “?” prefix to get started with custom commands. 

Select the channel of the server where the custom command will be used.

Finally if not interested in Dyno premium plans, click on “Done”.

Now, when redirected toward the Dyno dashboard, select the “Module” option from the left panel and go for the settings for “Custom Commands”.

Within the custom commands, click the button “Add Command” to get started with the procedure.

Add the command name, description, and the action that needs to be performed when commands are executed. Moreover, utilize the “Add/Edit Embed” option to associate more utilities with the command output.

Scroll and set the “Options”, “Advance Options”, “Permissions”, and “Additional Responses” as preferred.  Additionally, consider clicking on the “Variable Reference” option. Once everything is added, click the “Add Command” button:

Note: Variable Reference is important as it contains an exhaustive list of useful variables that will help in adding different functionalities in the custom command. These shortcodes will be added in the “Command” section located above the embeds.  

The custom command has been added successfully with the Dyno bot.

Let’s run a custom-added command to verify the output.


We have shown the two possible methods to easily add custom commands in Discord using the bots.


To add the custom commands with Discord bots, either utilize the “MEE6” or “Dyno” bot. The MEE6 bot allows the addition of only a single custom command if the premium plan is not purchased. While the “Dyno” bot lets the users add 25 custom commands without purchasing any plan. This tutorial has explained all the possible methods of adding custom commands with the assistance of Discord bots.