Creating a Graph in Google Docs

A graph is a diagram that shows the association between two variables. It is useful to describe complicated data that are quite difficult to explain in text. By considering the importance of graphs, Google Docs offers the key feature “Charts” for creating graphs. This article aim’s to demonstrate the procedure for creating a graph in Google Docs.

Let’s start with the practical implementation.

How to Create a Graph in Google Docs?

Google Docs offers an interesting “Chart” feature for creating a graph. A graph can easily be created using the “Chart” option from the “Insert” tab. To create a graph, the following list of steps is carried out:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

Firstly, open Google Docs on the local system. Select a new document or an existing document for creating a graph. A new document is considered in this method:

Step 2: Insert the Graph

Press the “Insert” Tab from the menu bar. It generates a drop-down list with various options. Click on the “Chart” option and then choose the “Bar” type from the sub-menu of “Chart”:

Step 3: Edit the Graph in Google Sheet

The Bar graph is added to the current document. Hit on the top right corner of the Bar graph.It generates a small drop-down list. Select the first“Open source” option:

The spreadsheet of the “Bar” graph is opened. It contains the data in the form of rows and columns according to the inserted graph:

Now, modify the first column; in our case, the values are “Std 1”,” Std 2”, ”Std 3”, and “Std 4”:

Step 4: Adding New Data

Similarly, the values and labels of “Period 1” and “Period 2” can also be changed. For instance, the following image shows that the “Period 1” and “Period 2” labels are changed to “Geography” and “History”:

Moreover, the users can add more fields as well. The “GK” field is added, and another “Std 5” record is inserted. However, it can be seen that the “Std 5” record is inserted, but the “GK” field is not visible:

To enable the “GK” field, double-click on the graph, and a graph setup option will appear, as can be seen below. From there, first, go to the “Setup” option and then press the “Add Series”. After that, the list of series will appear; choose the “GK”:

The data is now visible:

Step 5: Update the Graph

Close the spreadsheet of the Bar“ graph. Move towards the Google Docs file and click on the “Update” option. The graph will be updated with the changes, as can be seen in the following “GIF”:

Apart from that, one can edit the graph and change the colors, font, add series, and much more from the settings options of the graph (which we used to insert the series in (“Step 3”). To invoke the settings, double-click the bar in the Google Sheets, and the following customization window will appear, as seen below:

That’s all about his guide!


Google Docs provides the “Chart” option for creating a graph. The user can make “Bar”,” Line”,” Column”, and a ”Pie” graph by using the “Chart” option. In this article, all the steps are demonstrated for creating the “Bar”. To make a ” Line”,” Column”, and a ”Pie” graph same steps can be followed as mentioned in this article.