How Currency Conversion is Done in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has many features to increase the efficiency of users’ work and one of these feature is currency conversion. This feature is beneficial when you love to travel to different countries and plan to make a budget in foreign currency. 

There are some other major reasons that you need to convert currency in Google Sheets such as:

  • If you are doing financial analysis then you have to compare the investments and stocks with other countries
  • If you are doing business transactions with international clients

For such reason, there is no need to convert the currency using some other tool. Simply apply the currency conversion formula in Google Sheets and you will find the money converted to desired currency. 

This blog will use an example to demonstrate the currency conversion in Google Sheets by using a simple formula. 

How to Convert Currency in Google Sheets?

To convert the currency in Google Sheets, one can use the simple formula of “GOOGLEFINANCE“. Although Google Sheets uses this technique to get financial data from Google Finance, and it also is helpful to retrieve stock rates, currency exchange rates, and other financial data. 

The general syntax of using the “GOOGLEFINANCE” function is:

=GOOGLEFINANCE(ticker, [attribute], [start_date], [end_date|num_days], [interval])


  • Ticker is the stock symbol or pair of currency exchanges whose information is supposed to retrieve
  • Attribute is the type of information that is supposed to retrieve
  • Start_date is the date from which you want to retrieve the information
  • End_date is the date till which you want to retrieve the information
  • Num_date is the number of days on which you want to retrieve the information
  • Interval is the duration after which information is supposed to be returned

If you want to use the “GOOGLEFINANCE” formula to convert the currency, then you can follow the below-mentioned general syntax:



  • Replace the “from_currency” with the currency you want to convert to another 
  • Then use the _ dash symbol
  • And finally, replace the “to_currency” with the currency you wanted to convert in

The use of the above formula for converting the currency can be learned with the help of the example. For example, if we have the amount in dollars ($), we will convert it to EUROS. First, select the column and then type the formula:


Then press the ENTER key, and the values will be converted to EURO:

To convert the dollars into the Chinese currency CNY, use the formula:


Press the ENTER key to convert all the Dollar values into Chinese:

Lastly, we will convert the USD to British pounds by using the formula:


Press the ENTER key to convert all the values into British Pounds:

This is the easiest way to convert one country’s currency to another country’s currency. 


For the currency conversion in Google Sheets, use the built-in formula “GOOGLEFINANCE“. This formula retrieves information from Google Finance and in this blog, simple examples are used to explain the usage of the “GOOGLEFINANCE” formula to convert currencies.