Customizable Behaviour Discord Bots

The bots are added to the Discord server to enhance the functionality of the Discord. These bots provide different features to the Discord server. Customizable Behaviour Discord bots are the type of bots that are used to manage the server administrators. These bots also help to define the behaviour of the bots according to which they interact within the server. 

This post will walk through some of the known customizable behaviour Discord Bots which are used to enhance the Discord user experience. 

Customizable Behaviour Discord Bots

Customizable Behaviour Discord Bots are used by the server administrators to define the functionality and customized behaviour. Some of the known “Customizable Behaviour” Discord Bots are:

  1. Custom Command Bot
  2. Reaction Role Discord Bot
  3. Miki Discord Bot

Custom Command Bot Customizable Behaviour Discord Bot

The “Custom Command” Discord Bot is used to create and manage the custom commands to enable server administrators in defining custom functionality.

Features of the Custom Command Discord Bot

Some of the features of the Custom command Discord Bot are:

  • Command Creation: The users can create their own unique commands for different functionality by using the user-friendly interface of the bot.
  • Command Execution: The custom commands can be tested by running them with the bot to ensure the desired results are achieved.
  • Command Management: The bot allows the users to manage their custom commands by editing, deleting, and enabling the commands.
  • Customization: Users can customize the newly defined commands by defining their responses. 

In order to add a Custom Command bot, open the mentioned link in the web browser and click on the “Invite” button to add the bot to the Discord server:

Reaction Role Bot Customizable Behaviour Discord Bot

Reaction Role Discord Bot is used to assign and remove the roles of the Discord users depending on their reactions to particular messages. 

Features of the Reaction Role Discord Bot

The key features of the Reaction Role Discord Bot are:

  • Role Assignment: The bot assigns roles to the users depending on their reactions to the specific messages.
  • Role Removal: When the users remove their reaction from the messages, the roles of the users are removed by the bot.
  • Reaction Detection: The bot detects the reaction of the users from their messages like from the emojis to assign them different roles.
  • Role Management: The administrators use the bot to manage the roles of users including creating, editing, and deleting roles within the Discord.

Visit the mentioned link in the web browser to add the “Reaction Role” Discord Bot to the Discord server:

Note: In order to get detailed guidance on how to add a Reaction Roles bot to the server, follow our linked article.

Miki Discord Bot-Customizable Behaviour Discord Bot

Miki is the popular Discord Bot that offers customization tools, utility, and entertainment tools to enhance the Discord server user’s experience.

Features of the Miki Discord Bot

The most important features of the Miki Discord Bot are:

  • Currency System: The bot allows users to earn money virtually by participating in different Discord events and playing games.
  • Games Commands: The bot provides different games including the Trivia quizzes and gambling games for the Discord users.
  • Utility Tools: The bot also provides different utility tools including time zone conversions, weather forecasts, and user information retrieval.
  • Music Playback: Miki bot allows its users to play music from different platforms including YouTube and SoundCloud.

The Miki Discord Bot can be added to the Discord server from its official website:

Note: More information including the addition and usage of the Miki bot can be found by reading the post.


The Customizable Behaviour Discord Bots are used to enhance the Discord experience by defining customizable functions such as customized commands. This post explains the popular “Customizable Discord Bots” including the “Miki”, “Custom Command”, and “Reaction Role” Discord Bots.