How Can I Delete My Discord Channel?

Discord channels are like virtual rooms within a server where members can interact, chat, and share content. These channels can be categorized into different topics or purposes, such as general discussion, specific game discussions, announcements, or support channels. Sometimes, a lot of channels make a rush in the server or may not like by the server admin. In such a situation, the user may want to delete a channel that is not providing any value to the server.

This blog will demonstrate how to delete a Discord channel using the following outline:

  1. Method 1: Delete a Discord Channel on the Discord Desktop Application
  2. Method 2: Delete a Discord Channel on Mobile (Android/iOS)

Method 1: Delete a Discord Channel on Desktop Application

The below steps can be used to delete a Discord channel on a desktop application.

Step 1: Open Discord and Log In

To begin, open the Discord application and log in to the Discord account if necessary:

Delete My Discord Channel

Step 2: Navigate to the Server

Navigate to the server from where you are required to remove a channel:

Delete My Discord Channel1

Step 3: Open Channel Settings

Now, from that server, a user needs to open the settings of the channel by clicking on the “Gear” icon:

Delete My Discord Channel2

Step 4: Delete the Channel

Next, a new window will appear where a user needs to select the option of “Delete Channel” to delete that channel as shown below:

Delete My Discord Channel3

Method 2: How to Delete a Discord Channel on Mobile (Android/iOS)

Discord is a multiplatform application and also be accessible on Mobile. To delete the Discord channel from Discord mobile, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the Server

After opening the app, a user needs to log in to their Discord account and navigate to the server that contains the channel they want to delete. Tap on the server’s name to access the server’s channels:

Delete My Discord Channel4

Step 2: Select Edit Channel Option

Now, tap on the channel name which a user wants to delete and hold for a moment to display additional options:

Delete My Discord Channel5

From those options a user needs to select the option of “Edit Channel”:

Delete My Discord Channel6

Step 3: Confirm Channel Deletion

Now, scroll down to the bottom where the option of “Delete Channel” will be available:

Delete My Discord Channel7

Tapping on it will display a prompt for confirmation to delete a channel, so tap on the “Yes” option and the channel will be deleted:

Delete My Discord Channel8

That’s all on the guide “How to Delete a Discord Channel?


Deleting a Discord channel is a straightforward process that can be done either by using a desktop application or a mobile application. To do so, first, access the server either on Desktop or mobile from where they want to delete a channel and the select “Edit a Channel” option of that channel. Next, click on the “Delete a Channel” button to permanently delete it. This guide has provided a detailed guide on how a user can delete a Discord channel either on a desktop or a mobile application.