How to Delete a Page in Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most common online editors, with various functionalities. In certain situations, users hit the “Enter” button to move the cursor to the next line. However, pressing the “Enter” button repeatedly causes the cursor to move to the next page. Considering this problem, users tend to delete an empty page. This post demonstrates numerous methods to delete a page in Google Docs. The content of this guideline is as follows:

Let’s head over to the first method:

Method 1: Using the “Delete” Button to Delete the Next Page

The “Delete” button is famous for deleting upcoming text. Similarly, to delete blank pages, the “Delete” button is utilized in Google Docs. In this method, place the cursor at the end of the text document (and before the page which you want to delete) and hit the “Delete” button in Google Docs:

After doing so, the blank page will be deleted.

Note: This above method applies to non-empty documents.

Method 2: Using the “Backspace” Button to Delete a Previous Page

Another method is adapted to delete the page by employing the “Backspace” button in Google Docs.

The screenshot is illustrated in such a way that “Start of Second Page” is written on the second page of Google Docs. To delete the “Blank Page” (which is actually the previous page), place the cursor at the start of the second page and press the “Backspace” button.

Doing so, the previous page will be deleted.

Bonus Tip: Delete the Page Through Delete Button

It is an additional method to delete the page by pressing the right click of the mouse and choosing the delete option. First, select the text of the page (you want to delete), then right-click and choose the “Delete” option. The following GIF illustrates the practical implementation of deleting a page in Google Docs:


In Google Docs, the “Delete” and “Backspace” buttons are utilized to delete a page. By pressing the “Delete” button, the next page or number of pages is deleted. On the other hand, the “Backspace” button helps remove/delete the previous page in Google Docs. Hence, this post has explained two methods, along with practical implementation to delete the page in Google Docs.