Difference Between PPP0 vs WWAN0

There are a variety of network interfaces available in the market for Linux, but two of the most commonly used ones are ppp0 and wwan0. While both interfaces can be used to connect to the internet, they differ in their underlying technology and usage. 

This post will elaborate on both of these interfaces with the following outline: 

Overview of PPP0

In PPP, two physical objects are connected over a telephone line, such as computers, using a Point-to-Point Protocol based on the TCP/IP protocol. Therefore, a modem or dial-up connection will be required to connect the devices to the internet. You can also use the PPP0 interface to establish a secure tunnel to the remote server via a VPN connection.

Overview of WWAN0

WWAN, or Wireless Wide Area Network, where you don’t need a physical connection to connect the devices as it does wirelessly, and one of its examples could be the cellular network. You can connect to the internet by using a 3G and 4G connection available on the cellular network using a cell phone. WWAN0 can be used to connect IoT devices, such as smart meters, sensors, and other embedded devices, to the internet.

Differences Between ppp0 and wwan0

There are several differences between ppp0 and wwan0 which will be discussed in this section.


PPP is typically used to connect to the internet over a phone line or a mobile network which can be useful in areas where a wired internet connection is unavailable.WWAN typically provides internet connectivity to mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. WWAN can also be a backup internet connection if the wired connection fails.


PPP connections have limited bandwidth as they usually connect with the phone line and are generally slower than WWAN connections.WWAN connections connect with a cellular network and usually come with more bandwidth, which is why they are also faster.


PPP connections are generally expensive as they are based on a metered connection, meaning that users will charge for the amount of data they consume. WWAN connections are generally unmetered, which means that users can use the internet as long as they like, and they don’t need to pay extra for that.


Wired connections are generally more reliable as they are more stable with less interference due to the point-to-point interface.Wireless connections are usually less reliable because they are made over a cellular network, and congestion and more interference are possible.


PPP is a widely used protocol that is compatible with a variety of different devices and networks. WWAN, on the other hand, is often limited to specific networks and devices, making it less flexible than PPP.


PPP0 is a point-to-point protocol that usually works by establishing a physical connection, whereas WWAN0 is a wireless wide area network that can be established using a cellular network wirelessly. Both come with pros and cons and different features that we have discussed in detail in this article so that you can decide which interface best suits your network needs.