How to Disable Auto-embed Link Preview in Discord

Discord is a great user-friendly communication app that allows its users to avail of different advanced features for communication. It enables its users to communicate via messages and calls. This is most commonly used by gamers because of its screen share and live-streaming options. It enables its users to embed links and media in chats. There is an advanced feature available on Discord that is capable of disabling auto-embed link previews.

This tutorial will show the details of how auto-embed link previews can be disabled within no time in Discord.

How to Disable Auto-embed Link Preview in Discord

An Embedded link in Discord refers to adding a link from a different source into the Discord text channels or DMs. Auto-embed link preview feature is enabled in Discord by default, which makes the content of the embedded links visible in the chat where the link is pasted. Being a Discord user, if you are willing to hide the link preview or even hide the image and video preview in the chat, then you need not worry. Here, follow the easy step-by-step guide given below to disable the auto-embed link preview in Discord:

Step 1: Open the Discord App

Open the start menu by pressing the Win+S keys from your keyboard and type Discord. Click Open to launch the Discord app:

Step 2: Open Text Channel

Open your server and go to the text channel in which you want to embed the image. I chose the health channel from the MyFriends server, as highlighted below:

Step 3: Add Image

Click on the + symbol, and choose Upload a File to navigate to your files on your PC:

Choose the image from the pictures or any other folder in which you have saved the image that you want to share with your server community. I chose the food image, after selecting the image click on Open:

Preview your image and hit Enter to share:

The image has been sent and is visible as an image in the chat. This shared image is now available to all the members of the channel:

Step 4: Open User Settings

To hide the preview of this image, open User Settings from the Gear icon, available at the bottom left of the screen:

Step 5: Disable Auto-embed Link Preview

Scroll down the menu and click on Text & images, then from the right side of the window toggle off the icons as highlighted in the image below:

Hit Esc on the top left of the screen to exit settings and go to the channel again. Now you can see the image preview is hidden, and it has appeared as a link. You can click on the downward arrow to download and view the image:

Step 6: Add a New Image

Now hit on the + icon, choose to upload a file, select the new image, and click Open:

Preview the image and hit Enter to send the image:

Now the image is not visible while its link is embedded. Click on the link and then the download arrow to see the image:

How to Enable Auto-Embed Link Preview in Discord

If you are sharing images, videos, or embedding links in your chats, and you are unable to preview them, then you have to make changes in your User Settings first. Follow the guide below to go through the whole process:

Step 1: Open User Settings

From the bottom of the screen, look for the gear icon and click on it to launch the User Settings:

Step 2: Open Text & Image Section

Click on the Text & Image and toggle on all the options as highlighted in the image below:

Step 3: Insert Image

Go to the text channel in a server, and click on the + icon to upload a file:

Choose the image from your PC and click Open:

Preview your image and hit Enter to send it. The image is visible in the chat now:

Link preview is successfully enabled in your Discord now.

How to Disable a Specific Auto-embed Link Preview in Discord

If you are willing to disable an auto-embed link preview for a specific link, then you can achieve this by enclosing the link within these signs  <>. You do not need to alter the whole User Settings for one link.

In the image below the link is highlighted which was added without enclosing it within the <> symbols. It is seen that there is a preview of the link available in the chat:

To hide the preview, enclose the link within these <> symbols and hit Enter:

Now the link preview is disabled for this link as highlighted in the below image:


To disable auto-embed link preview in Discord, go to the User Settings, navigate to the Text & Image section, and toggle off all the preview settings. This will disable the preview of all images, videos, and embedded links in the chats. To disable the preview of the specific link, enclose the link with these <> signs and send. This will disable the preview of the specific link.