How to Disable Text-To-Speech in Discord?

In Discord, text-to-speech is the feature that is utilized to read written text in natural-sounding audio. It is beneficial for users who face difficulties while reading text messages. However, it can often sound unnatural and robotic which creates complexity for the listeners to understand the text. The user can disable this feature in Discord from the user’s settings.

In this post, we will cover the procedures to disable text-to-speech in Discord.

  1. Disable Text-To-Speech on Discord For a Whole App
  2. Disable Text-To-Speech on Discord For Particular Server

Disable Text-To-Speech on Discord For Whole App

To disable the text-to-speech for the overall Discord application, have a quick look at the steps given below.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

Open the Discord application via the Start menu. Then, navigate to the user’s settings “Gear” icon, and visit the Discord user’s settings:

Step 2: Disable TEXT-TO-SPEECH

Next, click on the “Accessibility” settings under the “APP SETTINGS” section and look for the “TEXT-TO-SPEECH” option:

Turn off the toggle of the below highlighted settings under “TEXT-TO-SPEECH” option:

The text-to-speech feature is disabled for the overall Discord application.

Disable Text-To-Speech on Discord For Particular Server

To disable the text-to-speech for the particular server on Discord, perform the subsequent instructions.

Step 1: Select the Server

First, select and open the Discord server from the left sidebar, and click on the server name drop menu:

Step 2: Access Server’s Settings

Next, access the server settings by clicking on the “Server Settings” option:

Step 3: Go to the Roles

After that, go to the “Roles” section and click on the “Default Permissions” settings:

Step 4: Disable Text-to Speech

Then, navigate to the “Permissions” menu, locate the “Send Text-to-Speech Messages” option, and turn it off. After that, save the changes by hitting the “Save Changes” button:

The text-to-speech for the particular Discord server will be disabled.


To disable the text-to-speech feature in Discord, go to the user’s settings and disable it in the “Accessibility” section. In order to disable the text-to-speech for the particular server, go to “Server Settings”. Then, open the “Roles” settings and disable “Send Text-to-Speech Messages” under the “Permissions” menu. This write-up has instructed the method to disable the text-to-speech in Discord.