What is Discord Account Switcher & How to Use it?

Discord is a multi-user platform to communicate with people. It supports various features such as voice and text chat, live streaming, and a lot of others. Discord allows the user to have multiple accounts for different purposes such as one account the user may use for gaming and another account for a personal chat or some other purpose. In such situations, Discord users may require frequent switching of Discord accounts. 

This article will discuss:

  1. What is Discord Account Switcher?
  2. How to Add Another Account in Discord?
  3. How to Switch Discord Account?

What is Discord Account Switcher?

Discord allows you to manage multiple accounts at one time. The Discord account switcher is a feature of Discord that enables the user to switch to another account with one click. However, one user can manage and switch up to 5 accounts at a time as per Discord instructions.

How to Add Another Account in Discord?

In Discord, users can add multiple accounts for different purposes. To add another account on Discord, follow the given instructions.

Step 1: Navigate to User Profile

Launch the Discord application and click on the user profile at the bottom as highlighted below:

Step 2: Manage Accounts

Hover on the “Switch Accounts” option and click on the “Manage Account” button from appeared context menu:

Step 3: Add Account

Next, press the “Add an Account” option to add another account:

Step 4: Enter Account Credentials

The “Add Account” pop-up will appear, enter the username and password in the given fields and click on the “Continue” button:

The user will be logged into the newly added account:

How to Switch Discord Account?

The Discord users sometimes required frequent switching of accounts for multi-tasking purposes. To switch the Discord account, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Select Account

Navigate to the user’s profile and hover on the “Switch Accounts”  option and click on the preferred account from the sub-menu:

Step 2: Verify the Results

Once you click on the preferred account, you will be switched to that particular account:

That’s all about the Discord account switcher and its use.


The Discord account switcher is a feature of Discord that gives you the facility to access other accounts in one click. To use this feature, navigate to the user profile, hover on the “Switch Accounts” option, and add other accounts (up to 5). Then, switch between different accounts based on your needs. This article has demonstrated what is Discord account switcher and how to use it.