Discord Data Usage: How to Check it?

Discord is one of the best applications currently available that provide us the platform to communicate with friends, colleagues, and communities worldwide. However, many users often wonder how much data Discord uses, especially when they are on limited data plans or have a slow internet connection. 

This article will discuss Discord’s data usage in detail and how it impacts your internet connection.

Discord Data Usage

The amount of data that Discord uses varies depending on the factors mentioned above and a rough estimate is mentioned below:

  • A “one-hour voice call” on Discord typically uses around “60MB” to 75MB of data.
  • A “one-hour video call” on Discord typically uses around “200MB” to “270MB” of data.
  • A “one-hour screen share session” on Discord typically uses around “170MB to 190MB” of data.
  • A “text message” with no media content on Discord typically uses less than “1KB” to “3KB of data.
  • A “text message” with a small image on Discord typically uses around “40KB” to “70KB of data.

Note: It is essential to note that these figures are approximate and may vary depending on various factors such as the network quality, device type, and the settings used in Discord.

Factors Affecting Discord’s Data Usage

Discord’s data usage is influenced by several factors, including:

1. Voice Quality

Discord allows users to adjust the voice quality of the calls they make, which in turn affects the amount of data that is consumed. Higher voice quality requires more data to be transmitted, resulting in increased data usage.

2. Video Calls

Discord also allows video calls, which consume significantly more data than voice calls based on factors like frame rate, video quality and its resolution.

3. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing is another feature in Discord that consumes data. The resolution of the shared screen, the frame rate, and the size of the shared window affect the data usage.

4. Text and Media Messages

The data usage to send text and media messages depends on the length of the messages, including images, videos, and audio files, which can significantly affect data usage.

Tips to Reduce Data Usage on Discord

If you are concerned about data usage on Discord, here are some tips to reduce it:

1. Adjust Voice and Video Quality

By adjusting the voice and video quality, you can significantly reduce data consumption. Choose lower-quality settings for voice and video calls, which will consume less data.

2. Use Text Messages Instead of Media-rich Messages

Sending media-rich messages, including images, videos, and audio files, can consume a significant amount of data. If you are on a limited data plan, use text messages instead of media-rich messages.

3. Avoid Using Discord on Cellular Networks

Using Discord on cellular networks can significantly increase data usage. Whenever possible, use Discord on Wi-Fi networks, which are usually faster and more reliable.

4. Close Other Applications and Tabs

Running other applications and tabs while using Discord can consume additional data. Close other applications and tabs when using Discord to reduce data consumption.

5. Turn Off Automatic Media Downloading

Discord automatically downloads all media files, including images and videos, that are sent in a chat. This can quickly consume a lot of data and turning them off will help to reduce the data usage on Discord.

Checking Data Usage of Discord Desktop 

Follow the below steps to check the data usage of the Discord desktop. 

Step 1: Launch Data Usage Overview

Type “data usage” in the Start menu to find and launch “Data usage overview” settings:

Step 2: Click on Data Usage Tab

This will launch the “Advanced network settings”. Scroll down to the “Data usage” option and open it:

Step 3: Find the Data Usage of Discord Application

This will provide a user with a list of all the available applications along with their data usage. From that list, find the “Discord” application to see its data usage:

The total data usage of the Discord application is “34 MB” which can be seen in the above image.

Checking Data Usage of Discord Mobile

A user can also check the data usage of the Discord mobile application by following the below steps.

Step 1: Select the App Info Option

A user needs to select the “Apps” option which can be found by launching the mobile “Settings”: 

After that a user need to select the “Apps” option which can be seen below:

Step 2: Find Discord Data Usage

This will list down all the available applications from which a user needs to find the Discord application to check its data usage:

It can be seen in the above image that the total data usage of the Discord mobile application is “227 MB”.


Discord is an excellent platform for communication and gaming, but its data usage can have a significant impact on your internet connection and device performance. Understanding how it uses data and how to reduce its impact is crucial to ensure you have a smooth and uninterrupted experience. This article has provided all the relevant information regarding the data usage of Discord.