Discord Nitro: Is it Worth it?

In this era of online communication, Discord comes as the most-used platform by gamers and communities for communication and collaboration. Discord provides many features which enhance the user experience. The Discord Nitro is a paid subscription to Discord that adds many more stunning features including the addition of animated profile pictures, profile pictures and emojis. 

In this post, different aspects are being discussed on the basis of which, it will be concluded whether the Discord Nitro is worthwhile or not.

What is the Discord Nitro?

A paid Discord subscription called Discord Nitro gives users access to many advanced features such as custom emojis from every server they’re a part of as well as stickers, a personalized Discord tag, animated avatars, server improvements, HD quality videos, sharing large files and many more. With a variety of fantastic benefits, it also improves their Discord audio, video, and text chat.

What are the Features of Discord Nitro?

The key features of the Discord Nitro are:

  • It allows the super reactions
  • Users can use the custom emojis and also make them animated
  • Users can use the custom stickers
  • It allows users the bigger file sharing
  • It allows the HD streaming
  • Provides the users with 2 free boosts
  • Users can join up to 100 servers
  • Users can use the custom theme
  • Users can send long messages of up to 4,000 characters
  • It supports the soundboards

What is the Pricing and Subscription of the Discord Nitro?

Two different Discord Nitro subscriptions are available, one is known as “Nitro Basic” and another is “Nitro”. The difference in both classifications of the Discord Nitro is explained in the table below:

Nitro BasicNitro
It is a basic subscription that provides the basic features of Discord at an affordable price. It is the premier subscription that includes all the features of the Nitro which increase the subscription cost. 
The price of the Nitro Basic is $ 2.99 per monthThe price of the Nitro is $ 9.99 per month

Is Distro Nitro Worth it?

Yes, Distro Nitro is worthwhile as it contains advanced features which improve the user experience using Discord. Users can send long messages and share long files. Also, the decision of the worthiness of Distro Nitro depends on the user’s usage, the necessity of the advanced features including emojis, and the requirement of file sharing. 

After the assessment of the Niro usage, Discord Nitro can surely be helpful for the users.

How to Buy Discord Nitro?

To buy the Discord Nitro subscription, Go to “Settings” of the “Discord” application. Then navigate to the “Nitro” section and purchase the subscriptions. You can also open the mentioned link in your favourite internet browser and follow all the mentioned instructions. 


With a variety of improved features and special benefits, Discord Nitro offers the chance to improve your Discord experience. There are two different categories of the Discord Nitro whose features and benefits are explained in this post. It can be worthwhile for the user if they derive from its features.