What are Discord Threads and How to Use Them

Discord threads are invented to avoid interruption between conversations or to minimize the mixing of conversations within Discord Channels. For example, if someone has started a topic about collecting red apples in the server chat and another user has started a topic about orchids— this will create a confusing conversation for anyone.

In this tutorial, we will discuss the Discord thread and figure out their usage in every aspect.

What are Discord Threads?

Discord threads are small conversation inboxes that stick within a server in a very organized way. Using Threads, people with similar interests can discuss specific topics without disturbing the main channel/server chat. Threads come with great controls, such as locking, split view, and many more.

There are two types of threads:

  • Public Threads: Everyone can join and take part in the conversation
  • Private Threads: Only the invited member can join and contribute to the conversation

Creating Discord Threads on Desktop?

To create the Discord threads from a desktop application, there are two methods:

  • Using # Symbol/Icon
  • Using + Symbol/Icon

Note: If the server is well-managed and roles are assigned to each member, then only moderators can initiate the process of creating a thread. Otherwise, every member of the server can create a Discord thread without any hassle.

Method 1: Create a Discord Thread With # Symbol/Icon

On the top bar of Discord, left from the bell and a pin icon, we will be able to see the “#” symbol which actually represents the Discord Threads feature. Clicking on it will make a dialog box expand, containing the option to “Create Thread”. 

Once the create thread button is pressed, a panel from the left side will appear on the screen asking for the thread name. Enter the thread name, type something in the chat box, and press the enter button from the keyboard.

Doing so will start a new thread and notify you about it in the server’s chat. Moreover, under the specific text channel that is currently used for thread creation, hold the details of each thread right after its name.

Method 2: Create a Discord Thread With + Symbol/Icon

A plus icon in a filled circle located with the channels message box also allows a user to create a thread using it. Simply tap on “+” and select the “Create Thread” option.

In case of making a private thread, check the box and give the thread a name. In a private thread, utilize the message box to mention (@) the user so they can join the conversation.

Creating Discord Threads on Mobile

Discord mobile application does not provide all the features and control it provides for desktops, however, most of the essential utilities still exist in the app, such as threads. We can create, manage, and remove threads using the Discord smartphone app too.

So, to create a thread through the Discord app, tap on the message box and let the keyboard pop up. After that, a thread icon will appear that allows us to directly create a new thread.

Repeat the same process as described while creating a thread for the Desktop app, such as setting a title, writing a message, and pressing on send button.

The below-given output indicates that the new thread has been created.

To check or manage all the existing threads, tap on the thread icon from the top bar. 

How to Use Discord Threads?

To use the Discord threads, let’s walk through the options/controls that are associated with this.

Lock a Thread

Locking a thread removes the member’s ability to send messages in the thread, only moderators of the server can send messages.

To lock a thread, open the threads settings menu by clicking on the ellipsis (three dots) that can be found in the top right corner, and pressing the “Lock Thread” option.

Doing so will result in locking a thread as it can be verified from the small information message that becomes sticky on the top of the thread. An “Unlock” button can also be found in that sticky message which is for the use of moderators only.

Mute a Thread

Muting a thread stops updating users about notifications and makes the thread completely silent for the time span that has been applied.

Threads Notification Settings

Threads provide multiple notification controls, such as:

  • All Messages: Receive all messages
  • Only @mention: Get alert only when mentioned
  • Nothing: Completely silent a thread

Close a Thread

Closing a thread will hide the thread from showing under channels and make it completely disappear.

Open Archived Thread

By clicking the threads icon, we can access all the inactive or older threads. Simply click to open the thread window.

Within the closed thread, click on three horizontal dots from the top bar and select “Open Thread”.

This will make the thread re-appear under the text channel.

Delete a Thread

Deleting a thread from using its settings menu will permanently remove a thread from the server.

We have shown how a thread can be created on a PC/laptop or on smartphone devices. Moreover, we explained how a thread can be managed.


To create a thread on Discord, utilize the “#” symbol/icon from the top bar or simply press the “+” symbol/icon located left of the message box. Next, select the create thread, give it a name, and write a message; sending the message will form a thread instantly. To manage the thread, use the three horizontal dots located on the top bar of the thread to access the menu with multiple options. This post has provided an explanation of what Discord Threads are and how we can use them.