How to Display Spotify on Discord Mobile?

Spotify is a well-known and popular online music app to listen to your favorite songs with a user-friendly interface. Luckily, Discord provides a facility to connect Spotify with Discord to show the current status of “Listening to Spotify”. Doing this, keep the members up to date regarding the song-listening activity of the user.

This guide will determine the procedure to show Spotify on Discord mobile app.

How to Display Spotify on Discord Mobile?

To display Spotify on Discord mobile, accomplish the following instructions.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

For accessing the user’s settings, launch the Discord application and press the user profile icon:

Step 2: Go to Connections

From the user’s settings, go to the “Connections” settings:

Step 3: Add Connection 

Afterward, click the “ADD” button from the top to add the new connection:

Step 4: Select Spotify & Connect

Then, click on the “Spotify” icon to connect Spotify:

A browser will be opened, log into the Spotify account if not logged in already. Upon doing so, Spotify is connected with Discord as shown:

Step 5: Turn On Spotify Status

Go back to the Discord application, again open the “Connections” settings, and turn on the Spotify status options as shown:

Step 6: Verify the Change

Now, start listening to your favorite song on Spotify, and Discord status will automatically updated to “Listening to Spotify”:

This is how Spotify is displayed on the mobile app.


To display Spotify on Discord mobile, go to the user’s settings, press the “Connections” and hit the “ADD” button to connect to Spotify. Log in to the Spotify account, turn on the Spotify status option, and start listening to the song. This post has provided the method to display Spotify on Discord mobile.