How to Divide in Google Sheets (Columns, Cells, or Numbers)

Organizing and analyzing the data can be facilitated by dividing it into Google Sheets, regardless of whether you are working with numbers, cells, or columns.  The division is a fundamental mathematical operation that may be used to easily execute a variety of calculations, determine ratios, and gain useful information from the data.

In order to help you understand the division in a spreadsheet, we will go over the numerous division options available in Google Sheets and give step-by-step guidance.

What is Division in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets has a variety of tools for data modification and analysis, allowing users to apply division to numbers, cells, or even entire columns. One may get valuable information from the data and do calculations like percentage calculations, average value searches, and growth rate calculations by using division in Google Sheets. 

How Can Google Sheets Divide Numbers?

We will use the “/” divide operator or the “DIVIDE” function in Google Sheets to divide numbers. For example, divide the “8”  by “2” using the Divide operator:


Press the ENTER key to display the results:

Now the same results can be obtained by using the “DIVIDE” function:

How to Divide in Google Sheets (Numbers, Cells, or Columns) 10

Results can be displayed by pressing the ENTER key:

How to Divide Cells in Google Sheets?

To divide the cells in Google Sheets, we can use the divide operator. For example, cell B1 is supposed to divide by B2 using the divide operator:


When the ENTER key is pressed, the results of the division of cells are displayed:

How to Divide Columns in Google Sheets?

Sometimes, we are supposed to divide the entire column with the other column. This can be done by using the divide operator and fill handle feature of Google Sheets. For example, we will consider the example of dividing column A by column B:

Now in the C1 cell, use the formula:


Press the ENTER key to display the results, and also click on the tick in the “Auto-fill” dialog box:

Column A has been divided into the column B:

What are the Common Errors and their Solutions using the Division in Google Sheets?

When division operation is performed in the Google Sheets, some common errors are seen. These errors are explained with the reason and solution.

#DIV/0! Error: This error appears when the number is supposed to be divided by the zero which is mathematically not possible.

Solution: To avoid this error, make sure the divisor is any number other than zero. 

#NAME? Error: This error appears if the range or the function name is misspelled in the Google Sheets.

How to Divide in Google Sheets (Numbers, Cells, or Columns) 1

Solution: Ensure that the function name is spelled correctly as well as the parameters of the function.


To divide the numbers, cells, and columns in Google Sheets, either use the division operator “/” or the “DIVIDE()” function. This blog has explained the methods of dividing numbers, cells, and columns in Google Sheets as well as the common errors which can be seen during the division.