How to Download a Document From Google Docs?

In certain scenarios, users download the document from Google Docs and keep it for future use, or keeping the specific version may also be the reason. Google Docs assists their audience to download documents in any format i.e. .docx, .pdf, .html, .zip. The user can choose the desired format and get the document. This Google Docs post will demonstrate the method for downloading a document from Google Docs. The content that illustrates these guidelines is as follows:

Let’s start the guide with the first one.

How to Download a Document From Google Docs?

The downloading feature allows you to work in Google Docs and get that document in the required format. Let’s perform it practically through the following simple steps:

Step 1: Choose the Document

An existing document is carried out for downloading from Google Docs. The following figure shows the document’s content:

Step 2: Download the Document

Press the “File” tab and hover over the “Download” option. It provides multiple format options such as “.docx”,“.odt”, “.pdf”, etc.:

Choose the Format

The list of formats can be viewed in the following screenshot. In this scenario, the “Microsoft Word (.docx)” option is picked:

The file will be downloaded in the chosen format, as can be seen in our case:

That’s it.

The file has been downloaded in the required format. Now, there is another method which is the Google Docs mobile app support. Let’s explore it as well.

Bonus Tip: How to Download a Document From Google Docs Mobile App?

Users can also download a document from the Google Docs mobile application. The step-by-step procedure is presented here to achieve the task:

Step 1: Choose a Document

The below screenshot contains the number of documents. Select the document and hit the three dots that are located on the right side of the file:

Step 2: Download the File

It navigates to the dropdown menu of multiple options. Select the “Download” option in the list as shown in below figure:

Let’s confirm the message “1 item will be downloaded” in the below window:

That’s how you can download a document through Google Docs mobile app.


Google Docs provides the “Download” option from the “File” tab to download a document. Users can download the document in any of the formats i.e., “.docx”, “.rtf”, “.txt”, “.pdf”, and “.zip”. Apart from that, the document can also be downloaded from the Google Docs mobile app. This article has provided all aspects of downloading a document from Google Docs.