How to Download Emojis From Discord?

Discord is an attractive platform for users to associate with their audience under one roof named servers. Just like other social media apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, the user can chat with people and express their feelings through emojis. Sometimes, the users may have seen different emojis on the servers and are willing to know where to get that. Interestingly, the user can download particular emojis from Discord.

This guide will determine the method to download the Discord emojis.

How to Download the Emojis in Discord?

In order to download the Discord emojis, stay tuned with the guide and go through the practical implementation.

Step 1: Log in to Discord

First, launch your favorite browser, visit the Discord official site and press the “Login” button to log in to the account:

Step 2: Navigate to Emojis

After that, go to the server from the left menu bar and click on the “Emoji” icon:

Step 3: Select Emoji

Select your desired emoji and the selected emoji will be displayed in the message text field:

Step 4: Open Emoji

Next, open the particular emoji in a new tab. For this purpose, right-click on the emoji, and click on the“Open image in new tab” option:

Step 5: Download Emoji

A new tab will be opened with the particular emoji, again right-click on it and hit the “Save as” option to download it:

Choose the desired location from the storage, name that emoji, and click on the “Save” button:

Upon doing so, the particular emoji will be downloaded. That’s it for downloading the Discord emoji.


To download the Discord emojis, launch the browser, go to the Discord official site, and log in. Next, open the server, click on the emoji icon and type the desired emoji, right-click on it, and press the “Open image in new tab” option. Then, again right-click on the opened image and hit the “Save” option to download it. This write-up has answered the query “How to Download Discord Emojis”.