How to Download Images From Google Docs?

Google Docs is an open editor tool that provides a bundle of built-in functionality to its audience. One of the famous ones is “alignment”, text wrapping, downloading images, inserting a table, etc. In certain situations, you may require to store multiple images in the local directory for editing or backup purposes. To do so, this post will provide various ways to download images from Google Docs.

Let’s start with the first method.

Method 1: Using the “WebPage” Option

Google Docs offers an interesting way to download multiple images with a single click. It is useful to save time for downloading one by one. The step-by-step instructions are provided to explain the downloading.

Step 1 Open Google Docs

An existing document is carried out containing some text and images are already placed in it:

Step 2: Download as a Web Page

For downloading images from Google Docs, choose the “Web Page” option by hovering over the “Download” from the “File” tab as shown below:

Step 3: Verify Download Images

After pressing the “Web Page” option, the “Text” file has been downloaded in zip format as shown below:

After opening the zip folder, users can verify that downloaded images are placed in the folder as below:

Method 2: Using the “Publish to web” Option

An alternative method to download single or multiple images is possible through the publishing webpage. The step-by-step procedure is explained here:

Step 1: Choose the “Publish to web” Option

Select the “Publish to web” option by hovering over the “Share” from the “File” tab visualize as below:

Step 2: Hit the Publish button

Choose the “Publish” button that will provide a “URL” for downloading images from Google Docs:

It navigates to a new window on which users can copy the link to access the format of the website for downloading images:

Step 3: Download the Image

To download the image, press the right mouse button on the image, which provides a “Save image as” option. After pressing the option, the image file will store in the local directory:

That is all from this guide. Let’s explore mobile Google Docs.

Bonus Tip: How to Download Images From Google Docs Mobile App?

In the mobile application, Google Docs assists in downloading images with a few clicks. A few steps are as follows to achieve it:

Step 1: Open Google Docs

An existing file is available in Google Docs; choose the three dots located at the top right corner of the window to access extensive features:

Step 2: Pick the “Save as” Option

After pressing the three dots icon, navigate to the dropdown list having multiple options. Choose the “Save as” option below:

Step 3: Download the Image

Users can verify that all images are ready in the image folder. Now, choose the “Download” icon present at the right corner of the mobile window:

That is all from this mobile version of Google Docs.


Google Docs provides the “Web Page” and “Publish to web” options to download images from Google Docs. Both these options are available by pressing the “File” tab in the menu bar. This guide gives step-by-step instructions to download single and multiple images from Google Docs. Additionally, a method has been explained in the mobile application of Google Docs regarding downloading images.