How to Edit Margins in Google Docs

Margin plays an essential role in making an interactive look of any document. It can be added to a research thesis, journal papers, conference papers, magazines, etc., to set the start/end of the text line. Google Docs allows users to perform modifications by editing margin values. In this post, various methods are demonstrated that assist in editing the margins in Google Docs.

Let’s start with the first method:

Method 1: Using the Page Setup to Edit Margins in Google Docs

In Google Docs, a method is considered to edit the margin using the “Page Setup” option. The effect of the margin will be applied to all the existing pages of the document. Follow the steps to edit margins using page setup:

Select the “Page setup” properties from the “File” tab of the toolbar:

After selecting the page properties in the dropdown list, a pop-up window is generated in which users can edit the margins (left, right, top, and bottom) in “inches” format:

The default values of the margin are set to “1-inch” from each side. Let’s edit the values of margins “3” inches from the left side and “2” inches from the top. The modified values of margins can be seen in the below screenshot:

Now, let’s move to the second method.

Method 2: Using Ruler to Edit Margins in Google Docs

A ruler is an adjustable tool to edit the values of margins in Google Docs. After the margin is adjusted, it is applied to all document pages. The procedure is explained below to edit the margins in an existing Google Doc:

The message “Welcome to Google Docs…!!!” is already written in the existing document of Google Docs. Afterward, adjust the “Ruler” that has been initially set at “0.00” of the current document:

Hold the ruler and move right or left to edit the values of the margins. Hence, we have moved the ruler to the left side and changed the margin values from “0.00” to “-0.25”:

Good Luck! You have learned to edit margins in Google Docs.


Google Docs provides the “Page setup” option from the “File” tab and “Ruler” to edit the margins. After selecting the option of “Page setup”, users can edit the values of “top”, “bottom”, “right” and“left” margins. On the other hand, the “Ruler” can change the margin values by holding it and moving left or right based on user needs. The manual page setup option is used the most as it can set margins on all sides. In this post, you have learned two methods to edit margins in Google Docs.