How to eSign in Google Docs?

eSign is an electronic signature mostly used in place of normal signatures. It has various applications in academic as well as business documentation. These e-signatures can be inserted as an image or drawn using Google Docs. In this post, we will demonstrate the method to esign in Google Docs.

How to eSign in Google Docs?

Google Docs provides an extensive feature “Drawing” tool to create and insert the eSign in an existing document. The step-by-step procedure is explained below:

Step 1: Open a New Drawing

For drawing an eSign in the document, hit the “+ New” button by hovering over “Drawing” from the “Insert” tab:

Step 2: Pick the Scribble Tool

Select the “Scribble” option by pressing the “Line” icon as seen below:

Step 3: Draw a Signature in Canvas

Now, you can draw any signature according to your demands and hit the “Save and Close” button:

Step 4: Import and customize the eSignature

After hitting the “Save and Close” button, the document will be pasted into Google Docs. To customize size and shape by clicking the “Image options” as illustrated below:

Set Width and Height

Adjust the “Width” and “Height” of the image in the side window of image options:

Set the Location of eSign

Additionally, users can adjust the position of a signature by holding it with the mouse:

Finally, the customized eSign is pasted.

That’s all from this guide!


In Google Docs, eSign can be created by choosing the “Scribble” option in the “Drawing” window. After creating, paste it anywhere in the document according to the user’s need. Additionally, users can adjust size and position by pressing the “Image option” icon. This guide has covered all aspects of creating and inserting eSign in Google Docs.