How to Find Unique Discord ID and Where we Can Use it?

Like any other platform, Discord also assigns the unique id to a user known as Discord id. Discord id is the uniquely assigned numerical string composed of 18 digits. It is totally different from the username that can only be retrieved when developer mode is enabled. Moreover, Discord id distinguishes the user to be identified publicly among the servers, channels, and messages.

This post will teach the procedure to find Discord’s unique id and its uses.

  1. Prerequisite: Enable Developer Mode
  2. How to Find a Unique ID for Discord?
  3. For What Purpose Discord ID is Used?

Prerequisite: Enable Developer Mode

Before finding the unique Discord id, it is compulsory to enable the developer mode in settings. To enable the Discord developer mode, look at the two-step guide provided below.

Step 1: Access User Settings

Launch Discord and go to the user’s settings by hitting the “Gear” icon as pointed out: 

Step 2: Turn On Developer Mode

Next, scroll down, go to the “Advanced” section, and turn on the “Developer Mode” option:

The developer mode option is turned on and you are good to go.

How to Find a Unique ID for Discord?

To find a unique Id for Discord, we have provided an easy 3-step guide. So, stay connected and keep your eyes on it.

Step 1: Approach User Settings

Open the Discord app and approach the “User Settings” by clicking on the “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Approach My Account

In the “USER SETTINGS”, approach “My Account” settings and click on the “Three dot” icon as highlighted below:

Step 3: Copy Discord ID

A “Copy Discord ID” option will appear, click on it to copy the Discord id:

The Discord ID is copied which can be pasted anywhere depending on the needs.

For What Purpose Discord ID is Used?

The uses of Discord ID are described in the following table:

Purpose Description
For Discord Support TeamWhile contacting the Discord support team for any concern/issue, the user will be asked to give his unique Discord ID to solve the matter. 
For Bot CreationDiscord ID is helpful when a user is creating the Discord bot so that the particular user can be located to who uses Discord.

This guide has covered all aspects of finding and using Discord IDs.


To find your unique Discord ID, first enable the developer mode. To do so, go to the “User Settings” and toggle on the developer mode in the “Advanced” section. After that, navigate to “My Account”, click on the “Three dots” icon, and copy the Discord ID. This tutorial has instructed the procedure to find the unique Discord ID and its uses.