How to Fix the “Discord Not Detecting Mic” Error? – Troubleshooting Guide

Discord is a well-known platform that is used to communicate with friends and family to share common interests. Discord offers many features to enhance the user experience and sometimes users witness some issues. One of the known issues is “Discord Not Detecting Mic” which occurs and it can create a bad experience for users. 

This error can be solved by some simple techniques which are going to be explained in this post in the step-by-step guide. 

What are the Techniques to Fix the “Discord Not Detecting Mic” Error on Discord?

The techniques which are used to fix the “Discord Not Detecting Mic” error on Discord are explained in the next sections. 

Method 1: Check the Hardware and Settings of Discord

Mic is the hardware device so first, check the hardware and settings of the Discord with the help of below mentioned steps. 

Step 1: Check the Connections of the Mic

Make sure the Mic is connected properly to its port and the connection should not be loose, also test the mic from the computer. 

Step 2: Check the Status of the Mic

Make sure the Mic is not muted or disabled on the computer. To check this, First, navigate to the system setting using the “Window+I” key and then open the “Sound Settings” of the computer. In the “Input” section, make sure the Mic is selected and also test the mic:

If the mic is working properly then proceed to the next method. 

Method 2: Update the Audio Drivers 

Sometimes outdated drivers can cause mic related issues. To fix the stated issue, make sure the audio drivers are installed on the computer as well as they are up to date. To update the audio drivers on Windows, open the “Control Panel” of the computer:

Then click on “Hardware and Sound” and select “Manage audio devices”:

Find the device and then open its properties. In the properties, click on the “Update Driver”:

The driver will be up to date and if the issue still persists, then follow the next method.

Method 3: Reset the Discord Voice Settings

To reset the Discord voice settings, open “User Settings” of Discord and select “Voice & Video”. Then, scroll down the page and click on “Reset Voice Settings” to reset the sound settings:

Method 4: Check the Antivirus Settings

Make sure that the installed “Antivirus” or the “Firewall” is not restricting the mic permissions to Discord. This issue is rare but if it is then allowing the software to access the mic or delete the antivirus. 

Method 5: Run the Discord Application as Administrator

Occasionally, Discord is not getting proper system resources that may cause different errors and “Discord not detecting mic” is one of them. To fix the highlighted issue, run the Discord application as administrators to enjoy all the privileges:

Method 6: Restart the Computer or Device

Restart the computer or the device in which Discord is being used. It will make a fresh start and closes all the programs/ processes running behind the device which may be restricting the mic feature. 

Method 7: Re-Install the Discord

If the issue has not been resolved yet, then delete the application of the Discord and re-install the Discord. 

Method 8: Contact Discord Support Team

Lastly, the support team of Discord is ready to help their users. Access the official website of Discord and submit a request form by clicking on it. The support team will contact you at the provided email address and resolve the issue by communicating with you. 

These all are the methods by which the error of “Discord Not Detecting Mic” can be resolved. 


To fix the error of “Discord not detecting mic” can be fixed by making sure the mic is properly connected to the device and its drivers are installed. Some other methods can also be used to resolve this error such as reset voice settings, run Discord as administrator, reinstall Discord or contact Discord support team. This post has demonstrated the fixes to resolve Discord not detecting mic issues.