Fix: Discord Not Showing Streaming

Discord provides a feature that allows users to stream their gameplay or share their screens with others. This feature is particularly useful for gamers who want to showcase their skills or interact with their audience in real-time. However, when Discord fails to show the streaming status, it can hinder the streaming experience and create frustration for users. 

This article will provide the proper explanation of the steps to fix the “Discord not showing streaming” issue.

Solutions to Fix Discord Not Showing Streaming

The possible solutions which can be used to fix Discord not showing streaming are listed below:

  1. Check DRM Restrictions
  2. Verify Registered Games List
  3. Check Browser Compatibility
  4. Quit Discord and Relaunch
  5. Clear Discord Cache
  6. Turn On Hardware Acceleration
  7. Verify Discord Server Status
  8. Run Discord as an Administrator

Fix 1: Check DRM Restrictions

Discord will display a black screen due to DRM restrictions if a user is trying to stream copyrighted content from platforms like Netflix or Prime Video. Unfortunately, these restrictions are intentional and cannot be bypassed. To resolve this, consider streaming games or content that are not subject to DRM limitations. 

Fix 2: Verify Registered Games List

Check your Discord settings to ensure that the game you are trying to stream is included in the registered games list which can be done by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open User Settings 

First, move into the “User Settings” by hitting that small “Gear” icon located at the bottom right as shown below:

Step 2: Navigate to the Registered Games

Next, navigate to the “Registered Games” available under the “ACTIVITY SETTINGS”:

Step 3: Add Game

Next, select the desired game by selecting from the drop-down menu and click on the “Add Game” button to add it:

This will add this game to the registered game list and the user should be able to stream this game while playing:

Fix 3: Check Browser Compatibility

Not every browser is compatible with the Discord application, so try changing the browser and check whether this is helpful or not. If this issue still persists then there is a high chance that some kind of extension like an ad blocker is restricting Discord streaming. So disable all such extensions and try to stream once again using the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to Manage Extensions

First, open the browser options, navigate to the extensions, and then select “Manage Extensions”:

Step 2: Disable Extensions

A list of all the extensions will be displayed, so disable all those extensions that a user thinks can cause this issue:

After that, restart the Discord application and confirm if problem is resolved or not.

Fix 4: Quit Discord and Relaunch

If nothing works from the above-provided solution then quitting the Discord application might fix the problem. This will not only refresh the Discord application but also remove an issue linked with the app. This can be done by navigating to the tray that appears at the bottom right, right click on the Discord icon, and choosing “Quit Discord”:

Fix 5: Clear Discord Cache

Clearing outdated Discord caches often resolves its major issues, such as freezing and 404 error. The following steps will show how we can clear the cache for resolving Discord streaming issues.

Step 1: Execute “%appdata%”

Clearing Discord cache can be done by first opening the “Run” utility using the “Windows + R” shortcut keys and then typing “%appdata%”:

Step 2: Remove Files from Cache_Data

This will open a “Roaming” Directory where users need to select the Discord folder. Under the Discord folder user needs to navigate to the “Cache” folder and then the “Cache_Data” folder where all of its content needs to be deleted:

Fix 6: Turn On Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is a feature provided by Discord to enhance the graphics performance and enabling it can also fix streaming-related issues as well. This can be accomplished by heading toward the “Advanced” tab from Discord user settings. Then, enable the “Hardware Acceleration”:

Fix 7: Verify Discord Server Status

If Discord servers are experiencing any issues then it can affect the streaming functionality. So it’s better to check the online Discord status by visiting this link:

Fix 8: Run Discord as an Administrator

Running Discord as an administrator can assist in bypassing certain permission-related problems that might be a hurdle in streaming. This can be done by right-clicking on the Discord app icon and selecting “Run as administrator”:

That’s all on the guide “Discord Not Showing Streaming”.


Discord offers streaming features where gamers can stream their gameplay and showcase their skills to their audience. Not only that, students and businessmen can also use these features for presentations and attending conferences. But sometimes Discord fails to stream properly which can be fixed by checking the DRM restrictions, verifying the registered games list, and checking browser compatibility. Furthermore relaunching Discord, clearing Discord cache, and turning on hardware acceleration can also fix this issue.