Fix: Discord Phone Verification Not Working

Phone verification is an essential step for Discord application security which verifies that only an authentic user is accessing it by confirming the identity. With the assistance of a valid phone number and going through the verification process, users can ensure their accounts meet the necessary requirements for accessing Discord’s features. 

This article will discuss the solutions to fix the “Discord Phone Verification Not Working” issue.

Reasons for Discord Phone Verification Issues

The following are common reasons behind the “Discord Phone Verification Not Working” issue:

  • Invalid phone number: One of the common reasons for phone verification failure is entering an invalid phone number. It’s crucial to make sure that the provided phone number is accurate and online.
  • Use of VOIP or Burner Numbers: Discord discourages the use of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or burner numbers for verification purposes. These numbers are often associated with temporary or disposable accounts, and Discord considers them less reliable.
  • Rate Limits: For preventing the abuse in Discord, rate limit feature is quite helpful. If you encounter issues during the verification process, it’s possible that you have exceeded the rate limits, which temporarily restrict verification attempts.
  • Existing Account Associated With the Phone Number: In case, if the phone number is already linked with an existing account then the new account verification process may fail. Discord requires each account to have a unique phone number for verification.

Solutions for Discord Phone Verification Issues

Ensuring a valid mobile number: Double-check that the phone number you are providing for verification is correct, active, and able to receive SMS messages. Also ensure the included country code is correct . After that, try out the below-discussed solutions to fix the stated issue.

Fix 1: Avoiding Registered Numbers

The phone verification will not work if the number you are using is already linked with any other Discord account. Discord requires a unique phone number, so in such cases, the user needs to provide a new phone number for verification.

Fix 2: Selecting the Correct Country Code

Country codes are vital when it comes to sending SMS internationally, therefore, ensuring if there is no mistake in the selected country code. Discord uses country codes to determine the phone number’s validity and location:

Fix 3: Stable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is essential for the verification process to work smoothly and to avoid any disruptions during verification. There are third-party tools available which can be used to measure internet speed such as fast:

Fix 4: Restarting the Device 

Sometimes, the technical glitches can interfere with the verification process. So, in such cases restarting the device is the best solution that can fix any temporary issues:

Fix 5: Contacting Discord Support 

If none of the above solutions work, then it is recommended to contact Discord support as they are very active in fixing Discord-related issues. A Discord account phone number and email address are required to fix this issue due to which the phone verification is not working. In the end, provide the subject and describe the problem in detail as much as you can. Attach the screenshots as well if it strengthens your case. After that, hit the “Submit” button:

That’s all on the guide “Discord Phone Verification Not Working”.


Discord phone verification is used to enhance the application security which ensures that only authentic and real users can access this application. But sometimes, phone verification does not work properly which can be fixed by avoiding registered numbers and selecting the correct country code. Moreover, a stable internet connection, restarting the device, and contacting Discord support can also fix this issue.