Fix: Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading

Discord has gained immense popularity among gamers due to its feature-rich interface and seamless communication capabilities. One of its notable features is the ability to stream gameplay to an audience, allowing gamers to showcase their skills or interact with their communities. But sometimes, a Discord stream gets stuck or not loading and the user is unaware of how to resolve it.

This article will provide multiple solutions to resolve the Discord stream getting stuck on the loading issue.

Solutions to Resolve Discord Stream Stuck on Loading Problem

There could be many solutions that can help to resolve the stated issue depending on the cause that created it and some of them are listed below:

  1. Check the Internet Connection
  2. Update Discord Application
  3. Restart the Discord Application
  4. Launch Discord as an Administrator
  5. Restart the Operating System (OS)
  6. Re-Install Discord Application
  7. Turn Off the VPN
  8. Update OS and Drivers

Fix 1: Check the Internet Connection

The primary reason for this problem is the slow internet connection which can be checked by opening some random websites on any browser. If they are not opening properly then this means that there is a problem with a user’s internet connection. Moreover, a user can check their internet connection speed by visiting this link:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading

Fix 2: Update Discord Application

If the installed Discord application has an outdated version then updating it can fix such issues using the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Run Utility and Execute “%localappdata%”

First, execute the “%localappdata%” command inside the Run utility that can be launched by pressing the “Windows + R” key.

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading1

Step 2: Update Discord

Next, execute the “Update” file to update the Discord application available under the Discord folder of the Local directory:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading2

Fix 3: Restart the Discord Application

If the first two methods are not working then a user should quit the Discord application and then try to launch it again using the below steps.

Step 1: Launch the Task Manager

First, open the task manager application by writing its name on the “Startup” menu:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading3

Step 2: End Task the Discord Application

Next, choose the “Discord” application from the available processes, right-click on it, and click on the “End task” option from the list:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading4

Fix 4: Launch Discord as an Administrator

Launching a Discord application as an administrator can help resolve this issue as it can bypass certain restrictions or conflicts that can cause this problem:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading5

Fix 5: Restart the Operating System (OS)

If nothing works from the above-provided solution then a user should restart the OS that can remove temporary stored files in the system and can resolve the stated issue. 

Click on the “Power” button by hitting the “Window” key and choose the “Restart” option to restart the system:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading6

Fix 6: Re-Install Discord Application

Sometimes this error occurs if a user didn’t install the Discord application from its official link or if they are using other versions of Discord such as Canary or PTB. If this is the case then desktop users should uninstall the Discord application and download its official setup by clicking on this link

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading7

Android or Apple users can download the official Discord application by visiting the play store or the app store.

Fix 7: Turn Off the VPN

Some VPNs consume more bandwidth than others, so this problem can also occur if a user has a slow internet connection and enabled the VPN. So, turn off your VPN and then check if the problem has been resolved or not:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading8

Fix 8: Update OS and Drivers

Sometimes using the older version of the OS and the Drivers can also cause this error so it is highly recommended to stay up to date using the following steps:

Step 1: Open System Settings 

First, open the system settings from the Start menu by typing “Settings”:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading9

Step 2: Check for Updates

Next, choose the “Windows Update” tab available at the bottom and then click on the “Check for updates” button from the right side:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading10

A user should also check for their system drivers, especially the graphic card driver which can be managed by a system built-in “Device Manager” tool. To update or reinstall the driver, first launch the Device Manager tool via the Windows Start menu:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading11

Next, right-click on the installed graphic driver under the “Display adapters” driver. Choose the “Update driver” option to update the driver:

Discord Stream Stuck on Loading or Not Loading12

That’s all on the guide of “Discord Stream Stuck on Loading”.


Discord offers streaming features for gamers where they can stream their gameplay to showcase their skills and collaborate with others. However, sometimes their stream got stuck or not loading properly. To resolve the stated issue, check the internet connection, update the Discord application, launch Discord as an administrator, restart the system, or update the drivers.