How to Fix Stream Lag in Discord?

Discord allows gamers to voice chat, exchange messages, and even stream their gameplay to others. However, stream lag can occur, causing audio and video delays, and leading to frustration among users. There could be many reasons for this issue and finding its solution can be time-consuming and hectic as well. 

This article will guide users on how to fix the Discord stream lag issue.

Why Does Discord Stream Lag Occur?

Some of the major reason why Discord stream lag occur are discussed below

  1. High resource usage by the game or other applications running in the background.
  2. Discord not utilizing the CPU efficiently for processing.
  3. Enabled Quality of Service packet feature affecting the stream.
  4. Network connection issues.
  5. Outdated graphics drivers.
  6. Discord voice and video settings are not optimized for streaming.
  7. Accumulated cache data causing performance degradation.
  8. Insufficient permissions for Discord.
  9. Interference from other applications and background processes.
  10. VPN or proxy connections cause latency.

How to Fix Discord Stream Lag?

A user can apply the below-discussed solutions to fix the Discord stream lag issue.

Fix 1: Optimize the Internet Connection

This problem can occur if the streaming requires more bandwidth whereas the user has a low-speed internet connection. So, it is highly recommended to check the internet by running any video on YouTube to verify if it is still lagging or not. Moreover, the internet speed can be checked by clicking on this link:

Fix Discord Stream Lag

Fix 2: Check Resource Usage

Discord stream lag usually occurs when a user is running lots of different applications so there are very limited resources left for Discord application to stream properly. This can be done by launching the task manager by pressing “CTRL +ALT +DELETE” and then checking the system resources:

Fix Discord Stream Lag1

The value could vary for different users but if these values are close to 100 percent, then try to close other apps running in the background and check again.

Fix 3: Update Discord Application

If a user is using an outdated Discord application, then they should immediately update their Discord application which can be done by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Execute %localappdata%

To start this process, first launch the “Run” box by pressing the “Windows + R” keys:

Fix Discord Stream Lag2

Next, type “%localappdata%” inside the run utility and press the “OK” button to execute it:

Fix Discord Stream Lag3

Step 2: Execute the Update File

Next, execute the “Update” executable file which will start updating Discord:

Fix 4: Forced Discord to Use CPU for Processing

Sometimes Discord is not able to use the CPU resources properly without having administrator rights. To fix the Discord stream lag issue by allocating the Discord administrative right, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: Open Discord Properties

To start, right-click on Discord and select properties:

Fix Discord Stream Lag4

Step 2: Select the “Compatibility” Settings 

Select “Run this program as an administrator” from the “Compatibility” settings menu and after that, hit the “Apply” button:

Fix Discord Stream Lag5

Fix 5: Disable Discord Quality of Service Packet Feature 

Sometimes Discord’s quality of service can conflict with the streaming feature and slow it down which can be fixed by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open Discord User Settings

First, open the Discord settings by clicking on the gear icon available on the right side of the user profile:

Fix Discord Stream Lag6

Step 2: Navigate to “Voice & Video” Settings

Next, go to the “Voice & Video” tab and uncheck “Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority” to turn this setting off:

Fix Discord Stream Lag7

Fix 6: Update Graphics Driver

Streaming also depends on the graphic card and if its driver is outdated then this issue can occur which can be resolved by following the below steps. 

Step 1: Execute “devmgmt.msc”

Launch the “Run” utility and then type “devmgmt.msc” in the “Open” drop-down field. After that, hit the Enter key to launch the Windows Device Manager tool:

Fix Discord Stream Lag8

Step 2: Update Display Adapters

Next, open the “Display adapters” drop-down option, right-click on the driver, and select the “Update driver” option:

Fix Discord Stream Lag9

Fix 7: Adjust Discord Voice and Video Settings

Adjusting the voice and video quality of the Discord application can significantly improve the Discord streaming quality which can be done through the “Voice & Video” settings:

Fix Discord Stream Lag10

Fix 8: Clear Discord Cache

This issue can also be caused by an outdated Discord cache that is conflicting with the system files, which can be removed by following the steps below.

Step 1: Execute “%appdata%”

First, launch the Run utility and execute “%appdata” through it:

Fix Discord Stream Lag11

Step 2: Navigate to the Cache Directory

Next, open the “Discord” folder and then locate the “Cache” folder to remove all the “Cache_Data”: files inside it:

Fix Discord Stream Lag12

Fix 9: Disable VPN

VPNs can consume more bandwidth than others, which can be a problem if the internet connection is slow and a user can face lag while streaming. 

To fix the Discord Stream lag issue, launch the VPN that a user is using and then turn it off:

Fix Discord Stream Lag12

That’s all about the “How to Fix Discord Stream Lag”. 


Streaming is one of the most useful features of the Discord application but sometimes the stream starts to lag and the audio and video mismatches which can ruin all the fun. To fix the specified issue, check the internet connection, update the Discord app, use Discord with admin rights, update drivers, or adjust Discord voice and video settings. This blog has illustrated the fixes to tackle the Discord stream lag problem.