[Fixed] Soundpad Not Working on Discord

Discord provides a variety of features where users can communicate with each through voice calls for better interaction. So, to enhance the audio interaction even further, there is a device with the name of the Soundpad which can be used. However, users can face difficulties while using the Soundpad as it fails to function properly on the Discord platform 

In this comprehensive guide, not only the different common issues related to Soundpad on Discord will be discussed but also we will provide effective solutions to resolve them.

Common Issues with Soundpad on Discord

Let’s explore some of the common issues that users might encounter:

Issue 1: Different Microphone Configurations

When a user has configured different microphone settings between the Discord and the Soundpad then this issue can occur. This mismatch can cause conflicts and prevent Soundpad from functioning correctly on Discord. 

Issue 2: Push-to-Talk Functionality

Push-to-Talk allows users to transmit their voice only when the designated button is pressed and if it is configured in the wrong way then it can interfere with the Sound Pads performance.

Issue 3: Low Sound Volume

For any reason if the volume is muted or has a low sound volume then it can also interfere with the Soundpad performance as the user won’t be able to hear anything.

Issue 4: Defective Microphone

In some cases, the issue of Soundpad not working on Discord may be due to a defective microphone.

How to Resolve Soundpad Issues on Discord?

Let’s discuss effective solutions to address the above-discussed problems which can help users to troubleshoot and fix Soundpad-related issues on Discord.

Fix 1: Ensure Consistent Microphone Setup

A user needs to ensure that the chosen microphone for both Discord and Soundpad is the same and in this way, the Soundpad works seamlessly on Discord. Let’s follow the below-mentioned steps to ensure the Microphone setup.

Step 1: Move into Discord User Settings 

Open the settings by hitting the (gear) settings icons as shown below:

Step 2: Choose Soundpad as an Input Device

Next, navigate to the “Voice & Video” tab, and from the right side, choose the Soundpad option from the “Input Device” drop-down menu:

Fix 2: Configure Push-to-Talk Properly

By properly configuring and utilizing the Push-to-Talk feature, one can ensure that Soundpad works smoothly alongside Discord. By aligning the microphone settings and properly utilizing the Push-to-Talk functionality, you can eliminate any conflicts between Soundpad and Discord and ensure that Soundpad works seamlessly on the platform. If you have set up the Push-to-Talk feature in Discord, remember to press and hold the designated Push-to-Talk button combination while playing back sounds in Soundpad. 

The push-to-talk feature is also available in the “Voice & Video” settings where a user needs to navigate to the “Input Mode” option and then choose the “Push to Talk” option. Next, any specific key from the keyboard can be bound using the “Edit Keybind” button:

Fix 3: Adjust Soundpad Volume Settings

By adjusting the volume settings within Soundpad, you can optimize the sound output and ensure that your audio effects are heard clearly by others on Discord. If a user is facing low or no sound volume issues then it is highly recommended to check the input and output volume settings under the “Voice & Video” settings as below:

Increase the volume level to the desired level to ensure that the sound from Soundpad can be clearly heard on Discord.

Fix 4: Test with a Different Microphone

If you think that the microphone is faulty, then try replacing the microphone and using a different one to check if the problem still persists or not. If Soundpad works properly with the new microphone then it indicates that the previous microphone was defective. 

Furthermore, a user can check the working of the microphone using the “MIC TEST” settings available under the “Voice & Video” tab:

That’s all about resolving the “Soundpad Not Working on Discord” issue.


Soundpad is a valuable tool for enhancing the audio experience on Discord. However, users can encounter issues such as different microphone configurations, problems with the Push-to-Talk feature, low sound volume, or a defective microphone. This post has explained all possible solutions to fix Discord soundpad issues.