Fixing Discord Mic Not Working in Windows 11/10

In the growing era of technology, it has become possible to communicate online through the Internet web. Different online communication apps are available, while Discord is one of the primary communication applications. Discord is used worldwide for communication via text and voice messages, voice calls, and live-streaming, mainly by gamers. While using Discord voice options, the user may find a “mic not working” error. Luckily, we have got solutions to fix this error. 

Fixing Discord Mic Not Working in Windows 11/10 

Discord is an online communication app, which enables users to communicate via messages and voice calls. During audio and video calls and live-streaming, the user may face a “mic not working error” on Discord. This could happen due to multiple reasons, which include external factors such as a disconnected or broken mic and internal factors may include errors in voice settings, non-granted permissions, and outdated drivers. Below are different methods proposed to solve this issue successfully.

Quick Fixes

Sometimes, there might be some basic connectivity issues causing this error that can be fixed using an easy approach. So, before jumping onto the other solutions, here are some quick fixes enlisted below to troubleshoot this issue.

  • Close the App and Restart it.
  • Try to log out and then log in again to the app.
  • Reconnect the wire if the external microphone being used is wired, or in case of a wireless microphone, reconnect the Bluetooth.

It is suggested to move to the next methods if these approaches do not fix the issue.

Method 1: Restarting Your Device

Restarting your PC can fix the Mic not working error on Discord. On restart, it closes all the apps, and all the registry files and backend drivers are refreshed with the removal of the temporary files that were created during the previous runtime. Restart your PC by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Shut Down Windows Box

Navigate to the Home screen, and to launch the Shut Down Windows box, press alt+F4 together from your keyboard. Scroll to the drop-down menu and navigate Restart:

Step 2: Choose Restart

Choose Restart and hit OK to restart your PC:

Method 2: Run Discord as an Administrator

By default, Windows restricts some of the spaces to be accessed by installed apps to ensure the security of the system. However, in some cases, it is compulsory to grant the app administrator rights to perform all the operations. To ensure the proper working of the Discord app and fix the microphone error, it is advised to run the app as an administrator. Follow the steps given below to launch it as an administrator:

Step 1: Navigate the App on Your PC

Press the Win+S keys on your keyboard to go to the startup menu. Type Discord in your search menu to locate the app:

Step 2: Launch as an Administrator

Double-click on Run as Administrator to grant the app admin rights:

Running Discord as an administrator might fix the stated problem.

Method 3: Reset Voice Settings on Discord

The “Mic not found error” can be fixed on Discord by resetting the voice settings from the app. Follow the steps below to change voice settings:

Step 1: Launch the App

Press the Win+S keys on your keyboard, type “Discord” in the search menu to locate the app, and click on open to launch the app:

Step 2: Launch the User Settings menu on Discord

Locate the “Gear” symbol on the bottom of the window as highlighted in the image below and double-click to launch the User Settings:

Step 3: Launch Voice Settings on Discord

Scroll down the User Settings. Left-click on Voice & Video under the APP SETTINGS section to launch the Voice Settings menu. Scroll down through the window and hit on the Reset Voice Settings option at the end of the window as highlighted in the image below:

Step 4: Reset Voice Settings

Click on Okay from the pop-up window to reset the voice settings on Discord:

Method 4: Set the Input Device on Discord

Setting up the desired input device on Discord can fix the error. For this purpose, look through the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch Voice Settings

Navigate to the bottom left of the Discord main window. Click on the “Gear” symbol as highlighted in the image to launch the User Settings:

Step 2: Set Input Device

Scroll down the User settings menu, and click on Voice & Video to launch Voice Settings. Navigate to the INPUT DEVICE under this section and choose the desired input device from the scroll-down menu:

Note: I chose the Default input device, however, the user can choose according to his preference.

Method 5: Check Discord’s Access to Microphone

The mic not working error may occur if the Discord is unable to access the microphone of the system. To ensure its proper accessibility, follow the guide given below:

Step 1: Launch Privacy Settings

Press the Windows+I keys on your keyboard together to launch the settings. Click on Privacy to launch the Privacy settings:

Step 2: Check Microphone’s Accessibility to Discord

Scroll down the Privacy menu, Locate the Microphone under the App Permissions section, and check the right side of the menu under Microphone to see if the Discord is accessing the microphone or not. In this case, the microphone is in use of Discord:

Method 6: Update the Discord App

Most of the issues occur in an app due to corrupted or missing files. Updating the app can fix these issues as it gives the app stability and security and makes most of the features of the app available to it. For updating Discord to get rid of mic issues, follow the steps illustrated below:

Step 1: Launch Run Command Box

Press the Windows+R keys together to launch the Run command box. Type %localappdata% in the dialogue box and hit OK to launch the local apps:

Step 2: Open Discord Directory

Scroll down through the window to locate the Discord app directory and click on it:

Step 3: Choose Update

Choose Update to update the app data:

Method 7: Update Audio Drivers

The outdated drivers for the microphone can lead to errors in the working of the microphone. The drivers can be updated to get the latest version to fix this issue. Follow the steps given below to update audio drivers in Windows 10.

Step 1: Launch Device Manager

Press the Windows+R keys on your keyboard together to launch the Run box. Type devmgmt.msc in the command window and hit OK to launch the Device Manager:

Step 2: Choose a Driver to Update

Scroll down the menu, and locate Sound, Video, and game controllers. Under this section, choose the microphone that is in use and has trouble working. Go to the Driver and click on Update Driver:

Step 3: Update Drivers

Click on Search automatically for drivers and follow the commands on the popup window. This will let the system search for updates automatically and update the drivers:


The “Discord Mic Not Working Error” on Windows 10/11 can be fixed by restarting the PC, running Discord as an Administrator, resetting voice settings on Discord, setting the input device of our own choice, checking the accessibility of the microphone to the app, updating the app or updating the drivers. These are the solutions that can fix the above-said issue.