How to Format a Screenplay in Google Docs

The screenplay is nothing but a written script/text for movies, dramas, and web- series. Google Docs does not provide built-in functionalities for the “Screenplay” format. However, it facilitates its users with third-party features. This Google Docs blog will demonstrate the method for formatting a screenplay in Google Docs.

Let’s begin the journey.

How to Format a Screenplay in Google Docs?

To proceed with this guide, an existing Google Docs file named “Format a Screenplay” is considered to implement the steps practically:

Let’s start with the step-by-step procedure to format a screenplay in Google Docs.

Step 1: Open Extensions Support Feature

Select the “Get add-ons” option in the dropdown list by hovering over the “Add-ons” button. It comes from pressing the “Extensions” tab in the menu bar of Google Docs.

Step 2: Search for Screenplay Formatter

It navigates to the new window on which you can type the“Screenplay Formatter”in the search box and select the extension, as seen in the below figure.

Step 3: Install the Extension

Hit the “Install” button to start the installation operation.

Now, the “Screenplay Formatter” extension requires permission for installation. Press the button “CONTINUE”, as seen in the below figure.

Finally, the “Screenplay Formatter” extension is installed. Now, press the “DONE” button to navigate to Google Docs.

Step 4: launch Screenplay Formatter

To format the existing document, the “Screenplay Formatter” extension is enabled by the “Launch” button, as seen in the below screenshot.

Step 5: Use Screenplay Formatter

For converting the text of the existing document to “Screenplay” format, hit the “Set screenplay margins & font” button in the side window as displayed downward.

So, the user can verify that the existing text is converted to the “Screenplay” format. Moreover, users can customize the setting such as “Header”, “Action”, “Speaker”, “Parentheses”, and “Dialog” according to their needs.

Well Done! It is all about the guide.


Google Docs provides the “Screenplay Formatter” extension to format a text document into “Screenplay”. It is possible from the “Add-ons” options that come from the “Extensions” tab of the menu bar. This post has provided step-by-step guidelines and practical implementation for formatting s screenplay in Google Docs.