How to Format Superscript in Discord

Discord is a platform with a vast variety of features that cannot be found in many communication applications. Discord supports multiple font styles, such as bold, italic, and underline; however, superscripts and subscripts are not included in that. In such a situation where a superscript needs to be typed, a question arises in our minds about how to format a letter in such a way within Discord that it looks like a superscript or subscript.

This post will provide a way to format the superscript in Discord.

How to Format Superscript in Discord

A superscript is a letter or collection of letters that are comparatively smaller and narrowly upward from the normal text. Superscripts are excessively used when it comes to writing something about educational subjects virtually, such as chemistry equations or mathematical expressions. To format superscript in Discord, we will walk through the given methods.

  1. Format Superscript Using Discord Bot
  2. Format Superscript Using Online Font Generator

Method 1: Format Superscript Using Discord Bot bot converts text from one language to another language and also provides the facility to format the text into superscripts and subscripts. Here, we will use the “” bot to format text in superscript. However, before using the bot, we have to add it to the Discord server. To do so, follow the next section.

Step 1: Invite Bot

Open any browser from the PC and visit this page of website to access the Bot. Click the “Invite” button to start setting up Discord bot. 

Step 2: Log in to Discord Account

Next, it will ask for Discord account credentials to start the bot wizard.

Step 3: Select Server and Authorize

Under the section “ADD TO SERVER:”, choose the desired server and click on the “Authorize” button.

Correctly verify the hCaptch appeared on the screen after granting the authorization.

A green checkmark will appear once the bot is successfully added to the specified server. Simply click on the “Go to server” button to start using the bot.

Step 4: Use the Command

The basic syntax to format text into superscript is:

/fun-text superscript [Text]

By keeping the syntax in view, let’s take an example and execute the command to turn text into superscript.

/fun-text superscript foss

Step 5: Copy the Superscripted Text

Finally, copy the text converted into superscript and use it wherever it is needed. To copy, select the whole text and right-click to select the “Copy” option from the menu.

Method 2: Format Superscript Using Online Font Generator

Multiple online font generators are available on the internet which turns the given text into superscript. To type a superscript in the Discord message box, follow the given instructions.

Firstly, navigate to the website “generatorfonts” and use the input text field to write the words or single letters.

After giving the input, scroll below and copy the output generated under the superscript section.

Now the copied text will act like a superscript wherever it will be pasted within the premises of Discord.

The output indicates that we have successfully used the superscript within Discord.


To format superscript in Discord, either use the “” bot or an “online font generator” tool. In case of turning the text into superscript using the bot, run the command “/fun-text superscript” and type the text. Else utilize the “generatorfonts” tool, give input text, and copy the converted text from the output box. In this guide, we have learned how to easily and efficiently format superscripts in Discord in multiple ways.