Free Calendar Templates in Google Docs

Google Docs has several built-in templates for making life easier for their users. However, it does not have the built-in template of calendars for scheduling tasks. To resolve the problem, this guide will demonstrate methods to access free calendar templates from different sites. Furthermore, users can modify or customize the calendar template according to their requirements.

Let’s start!

Method 1: Using Third-party Website for Free Calendar Templates

Different websites are famous for providing free services to create calendars, including For this purpose, the step-by-step procedure is discussed below:

Step 1: Open Website

After opening the website, choose the “Free Blank School Desk Calendar” template to insert into the Google Docs:

Step 2: Select a File Format

Choose the “Google Docs” file format in the dropdown list. After that, hit the “Free Download” button from the side window:

Step 3: Give Permission

It navigates to the new window that acquires the permission. Also, users can copy the presented URL to utilize in Google Docs:

After that, hit the “Make a copy” button to insert the template into Google Docs:

Step 4: Verify Calendar Template

Users can verify that the calendar template has been successfully added to Google Docs as below:

That’s it! You have inserted a free calendar template in Google Docs.

Method 2: Create Customize Calendar Template in Google Docs

Google Docs has several built-in features to create a customized calendar template. For this step by step guidelines are given below:

Step 1: Choose Table Cells

For creating the customized calendar, choose the number of cells by hovering over the “Table” option from the “Insert” tab:

You can verify that selected cells have been inserted into the existing document:

Step 2: Customize Calendar

After creating the structure of the calendar, add the number of days and dates according to user requirements:

Method 3: Create Customize Calendar Template in Google Docs (Mobile App)

Google Docs assists mobile users in creating a customized calendar through the bundle of built-in functionalities. For this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Access Table option

Hit the “+” icon that is located at the top of the Google Docs window to access the “Table” option:

Step 2: Insert Rows and Columns

It navigates to the new window of “Table”, where users can add the number of rows and columns by up and down icons. After that, hit the “Insert table” button present at the bottom of the window:

Now, add dates and days to fill out the empty structure of the monthly calendar as below:

Step 3: Verify Monthly Calendar Layout

Verify the monthly calendar “January 2029” has been created in mobile Google Docs as below:

That is from the mobile version of Google Docs.


Free calendar templates can be accessed in Google Docs through third-party websites. On this site, choose a particular template of the calendar from the collection of calendars. Additionally, users can create a customized calendar template by inserting table cells in windows and mobile applications. This article has discussed all the essential steps to access the free calendar templates in Google Docs.