Get Back Into Discord Account Without Email?

Discord is a communication platform that connects users through text, voice, and video chatting. Discord is widely used by communities like gamers all over the world. They can live-stream while playing games on the Discord servers. Many gamers all around the world make their living from streaming on Discord. Sometimes these users face problems while logging in to the Discord application like “Invalid login or Password”.

This write-up will guide the user for getting back into a Discord account without email.

How to Get Back Into the Discord Account Without an Email?

Sometimes users cannot access their email which prevents them from logging into the Discord account. This impacts the user’s achievements and progress in Discord. To get back into the Discord account without an email, follow the steps demonstrated below.

Step 1: Go to Discord Support Center

Navigate to the Discord support center using the attached link and click on the “Submit a request” button:

Step 2: Submit a Request

Next, click on the appeared “Submit a Request” drop-down menu and select the “Help & Support” option as highlighted below:

By doing so, more text fields will appear that are required to submit the request. 

  • Provide an Active email address.
  • From the “Type of question?” drop-down menu, select the “Discord Account Credentials” option.
  • From the “Discount Account Credentials”, select the “Forgot Password” option. 
  • Write a brief subject for submitting the request.

Next, write out the description for the support request mentioning the scope of the problem, and hit the “Submit” button:

After that, the success message will appear showing that the request has been submitted:

After this, the Discord support team will get back to the user within 3 days with instructions about the further procedure.


To get into the Discord account without the email, go to the official Discord support link. Choose the “Help & Support” option from the drop-down menu. Then, fill provide the relevant information in the text fields and hit the “Submit” button. Wait for up to 3 days and the Discord support team will reach back to the user with further instructions. This write-up has provided the procedure to get back into the Discord account without an email.