How to Get Discord Overlay in Games?

Discord is a widely used application designed for the gaming community with a wide range of features. These features include voice and text chat, live streaming, sharing screen, and more. One of the most interesting features of Discord is that the user can enable the overlay of Discord in the playing game. It is beneficial for the user to use Discord and reply to messages while staying in the game’s interface.

In this post, we will cover the procedure to get the overlay of Discord in games.

How to Get the Overlay of Discord in Games?

To get the Discord overlay in games, first, navigate to the user’s settings and enable the Discord game overlay option from the “Game Overlay” settings. For the illustration, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Access User’s Settings

First, open the Discord application and go to the user’s settings through the settings “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Configure Overlay

Then, open the “Game Overlay” settings, turn on the toggle of the “Enable in-game overlay” option, and also set the shortcut key to use it. By default, the shortcut key is “Shift + `”:

The overlay is enabled and accessible in the games through the given shortcut key.


To get the Discord overlay in games, open the user’s settings, and turn on the toggle of “Enable in-game overlay” under the “Game Overlay” settings. Also, edit or set the shortcut key. The user can also change the avatar size and display name settings for the overlay. This blog has instructed the method to get the overlay of Discord in games.