How do I Get People to Join my Discord Server

Discord has become a famous platform for collaboration and communication with like-minded people with the help of servers. However, to attract members to your server, you need to implement effective strategies that make your server stand out and provide value to potential members. 

This article will provide various techniques that a user should implement so that more people can join the Discord server.

How do I Get People to Join My Discord Server?

There are various steps that a user should consider to increase the number of members in your Discord server and some of them are discussed below.

Create a Compelling Server Title

The first step in getting people to join your Discord server is to create a compelling and attractive server title. So don’t choose any random server name, make some efforts and use any effective and concise server name that should reflect its purpose.

Create a Welcoming Server Description

Write an engaging welcome server description that should be informative as well where you need to explain each and everything regarding your server. It should be clear and should contain information regarding the overview of the topic’s activities or any discussion within the server.

Utilize Discord Server Listing Sites

There are various Discord server listing sites where you can add your Discord server to enhance its reach and growth. Some of those are,,,, and

Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are quite a superb way to promote your Discord server to increase the server members. Make your accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit, and start promoting your Discord server effectively. 

Engaging with Other Discord Servers

Join other Discord servers that share similar interests and have more members than you. In such a server you can engage with other members and avoid excessive self-promotion otherwise server mods can also kick you out.

Provide Value and Unique Content

Focus on providing value and unique content within your Discord server, if you want to attract and retain members. Be more active on the server and answer anyone’s queries when asked. Consider creating dedicated channels for specific topics or interests. 

Encourage Members to Invite Friends

Asking the existing community members for inviting their family & friends or even colleagues who share similar interests to join the community. Provide them something in return as well like incentives for referrals, such as special roles, badges, or rewards. A dedicated channel can also be created for such members where they can introduce their friends.

Establish Clear Rules and Guidelines

A positive environment is really important to retain the members and they can feel safe from harassment and bullying. Moreover, protect your server from any kind of conflict, and spamming as well which can also ruin member’s experience and they can leave the server as well.

Monitor and Optimize Server Performance

As there is always the room for improvement in Discord servers, so, regularly monitor the performance and identify areas for development. Special attention to engagement levels, member feedback, and overall satisfaction will be required. Use analytics tools and gather feedback from your community to gain insights into what works well and what can be enhanced. Continuously optimize the server’s structure, content, and features based on the feedback received.

Utilize Various Bots

Bots can be used in a server to reduce the manual work by doing automation and providing features which are missing before. This is a great way to increase the engagement of the server by adding various bots in the server such as MEE6 and Dank Memer


Various steps can be taken so that people can join your server in Discord. A user should create a compelling server title and its description and add it to the server listing sites. Furthermore, promoting your server to social media and joining other Discord servers which share similar interests can also do the job. Lastly, introducing healthy activities, being active on Discord, and maintaining a safe and secure environment for members can also help in increasing members on the server.