Google Docs | Free Business Card Templates

The business card represents the identification of employees in the organization. A business card is like an ID card of the employee issued by the respective organization. The first impression of the organization can be judged through its business card. Google Docs does not have built-in templates to make the business card. This article will explain possible methods to add free templates for Google Docs. The content for this write-up is as follows.

Let’s start with this guide.

How to Make a Customized Business Card in Google Docs?

Google Docs assist with multiple built-in features to make the business card template with its design. Users can use the “Drawing” tool of Google Docs to apply this method. Let’s perform this method practically:

Step 1: Open the Drawing

After opening a blank document in Google Docs. Click on the “New” option by hovering over the “Drawing” from the “Insert” tab of the menubar:

Step 2: Add Shapes

It navigates to the drawing window where users can add shapes or arrows based on their requirements from the toolbar:

Step 3: Add Image

To add an image to a business card, click the “Image” icon located at the toolbar of the window:

Step 4: Add Text Box for Border

Users can add text to the card by pressing the “Text box” icon and applying the border:

Step 5: Save the Card

After designing the card, press the “Save and close” button located at the top right side:

Step 6: Verifying the Template

It goes to Google Docs to insert the business card into the document, as shown in the image below:

Note: You can add other text fields and logos by following the same steps we did here.

Let’s explore another method.

Bonus Tip: Free Business Card Templates Using Third Party Website

Free business card templates can easily be accessible by searching “Free Business Card Templates” on Google. Let’s check and perform this method practically:

Step 1: Choose the Template From the Website

Go to the GooDocs Business Templates and choose the templates according to their preference. In this case, select the “Military Business Card”:

Step 2: Edit the Template

After choosing the template, click on the “Edit Template” button on the right side of the window:

Step 3: Make a Copy of the Template

It navigates to the new window; click on the “Make a copy ” option from the given interface:

Step 4: Verifying Business Card Template

After performing the above steps, the business card template has been added to the Google Docs as shown in the below image:

Now, users can edit this business card template according to their requirements.


In Google Docs, a customized business card can be created using the “Drawing” window. However, third-party support is also available to get the business card templates on Google Docs. In the “Drawing” window, users can add shapes, text, and custom styles for a catchy look of the business card. From the “Third-party” website, users can download the free business card templates and modify them according to their needs. This post has illustrated all the possible methods to add free business card templates to Google Docs.