Google Sheets Sum of Column | Explained

Calculating a column’s sum is one of the essential steps in data analysis which make the users able to precisely sum a column is important when working with financial data, sales figures, or any other type of numerical information. You can quickly and effectively complete this calculation using Google Sheets, which will save you time and effort.

Spreadsheets are becoming a popular tool for organizing and analyzing data in the modern digital age. Among the many spreadsheet programs out there, Google Sheets stands out as a strong and convenient choice. Because of its capabilities and accessibility, it is recommended by individuals, organizations, and experts.

This article offers a straightforward four-step process that will enable users to sum a column with the demonstration of an example. 

How to Sum the Column in Google Sheets in 4 Easy Steps?

To sum up the column in Google Sheets, 4 important steps should be performed. We will explain these steps in detail in the next sections. 

Step 1: Access the Google Sheet

First, open the Google Sheets whose column or columns are supposed to be summed up. For example, we will open the Google Sheet with the name “Grocery Details”:

The Google Sheet has been opened with the details including “Item”, “Quantity”, “Price”, and “Total Price”.

Step 2: Select the Column, to sum up in Google Sheets

After opening the Google Sheets, select the range of columns or select the entire column which is supposed to sum up. For example, we want to calculate the total quantity of items purchased so we will select the column of “Quantity”:

The column of “Quantity” has been selected in the “Grocery” Google Sheet. 

Step 3: Apply the “SUM” Function

When the column is selected, now apply the SUM function of the Google Sheets. We will apply the SUM function to calculate the number of items:


When the SUM function is applied, press the ENTER key to display the results:

A total quantity of 15 has been purchased from the grocery. 

Step 4: Customizing the SUM Function

We can also customize the applied SUM function in Google Sheets. For example, we want to calculate the quantity purchased on “01-01-2023” and “04-01-2032”, then use the formula:


Again press the ENTER key to display the results:

The quantity of 4 items has been purchased on the specified dates. 


To sum up the column in Google Sheets, 4 easy steps can be followed. First, open the Google Sheets, select the column, apply the SUM formula, and customize the formula according to your requirements. This post has explained the above-mentioned 4 steps with the demonstration of an example to sum the columns. This post is helpful to users who are new to Google Sheets and wanted to make “sum” calculations on columns of Google Sheets.