How to Create and Set a GIF Discord Banner in User Profile?

Discord Nitro is a paid subscription to Discord that facilitates the user with some extra features such as new emojis, set GIF as Discord banner and profile, and much more. For a cool look at the Discord user profile, a GIF Discord banner is examined. The user can either create the Discord banner manually and set it up or choose it from the existing one.

The subsequent post will cover the procedure to make and set a GIF Discord banner in the User Profile.

How to Create a GIF Discord Banner?

There are a variety of free online tools available in order to create the GIF Discord banner. The below instructions will utilize the “Auto Creative” open-source website to create the GIF Discord banner.

Step 1 Visit Creative Banner Maker

Launch your favorite browser, and visit the “Auto Creative” site here:

Step 2: Choose Banner

Afterward, scroll down and press on the Discord banner of your choice:

Step 3: Customize & Render Banner

Then, type your name on the banner, choose your favorite color, mark the “Show mockup overlay” box if required, and hit the “Render”:

The rendering process will begin as shown:

Step 4: Download GIF Banner

Two render results “Animated” and “Static” will be ready to be downloaded, press the “Download” button on the desired one:

The preferred banner is downloaded.

How to Set a GIF Discord Banner?

To set the GIF Discord banner, consider the following steps.

Step 1: Navigate to User’s Settings

Launch the Discord and navigate to the user’s setting by pressing the “Gear” icon:

Step 2: Open Profile Settings

After that, open the “Profile” settings under the “User Settings” and click on the “Change Banner” option:

Step 3: Upload Discord Banner

Next, hit on the “Upload Image” option from the given pop-up:

Choose the downloaded GIF created in the above section and open it:

Step 4: Edit Banner

In this step, the user can perform a little zoom edit on the particular GIF using the scroll bar. Press on the “Apply” button once done:

Step 5: Save Changes

Finally, hit on the “Save Changes” button to see the new changes and the banner will be set:

That’s all for creating and setting up the GIF Discord banner in the user profile.


To create the GIF Discord, visit the “Auto Creative” website, select the desired banner template, edit it with your name, and download it. To set the GIF Discord banner, go to the user’s profile settings by pressing the “Gear” icon, hit the “Change Banner” button, and upload it with the created Discord banner.

This write-up has illuminated the instructions to create and set a GIF Discord banner in the user profile.