How to Deafen/Undeafen on Discord Mobile

Discord is the most advanced communication application for Desktop devices as well as for mobile devices. It allows a user to interact with one or more users via voice, video, and text without any hassle. It provides a lot of features and controls, such as screen share, noise suppression, and the ability to deafen/undeafen ourselves or others.

This write-up will provide an explanation of how to deafen or undeafen on Discord mobile.

How to Deafen/Undeafen on Discord Mobile

Deafening is very useful for avoiding unnecessary or unpleasant sounds without lowering the volume of the device. With only one click, we can make all the incoming voices/sounds stop in any Discord voice channel. So, to use the deafening feature on our mobile device, we will follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1: Join Discord Voice Channel

After launching Discord, first, we have to join a voice channel on any server. Here, we are going to join the “General” voice channel as shown below:

By tapping on the “Join Voice” button, we will successfully enter into the channel.

Step 2: Expand the Bottom Menu

Now, we have to expand the menu that is located at the bottom by “swapping up”. By doing so, we will get more access and controls within the joined voice channel:

Step 3: Select Deafen Option

Simply, click on the “Deafen” located right after the headphone icon. This will disable all the incoming and outgoing sounds within Discord:

In case, if we want to “undeafen” ourselves; we have to repeat the same steps. As by hitting on the “deafen” button again, we will be able to listen and talk within the joined voice channel.

How to Deafen/Undeafen Other Discord Members 

To deafen/undeafen the other members of the voice channel, we will follow the following steps:

Step 1: List Down All Joined Member

On the main page of the voice channel, tap on the “person/member” icon located in the top right corner. This will list down all the members who are in the voice channel. We only have to select the person which we want to be deafened or undeafened in the server:

Step 2: Select the Server Deafen Option

Swipe up on the profile of the person to take the full overview of the available options; within all options find and select “Server Deafen”. Tapping on the server deafen will make that person ineligible to hear or talk within that server’s voice channel.

Step 3: Verification

The red line placed over the headphone icon indicates that the person is now deafened:

To undeafen the target, we have to tap on the “Server Undeafen” option again.

Note: We need to be the owner or must have administrative privileges to make someone deafen/undeafen within the server’s voice channel.

We have covered how we can make ourselves and other Discord members of a voice channel within a server deafen or undeafen easily.


Discord is a giant communication platform/application that enables users to interact through text, voice, and even video. Deafening and Undefeaning is a quite useful feature of Discord; it enables us to block the outgoing and incoming sounds/voices at the same time. To use deafen/undeafen utility, we have to join the voice channel of the Discord server first. Next, we need to expand the menu by swapping up on the bottom menu to get access to some extra options; from those extra options, simply select the deafen. Repeat the same process and tap on deafen again to undeafen someone or yourself. In this article, we have learned how to undeafen/deafen on Discord Mobile.