How to Delete Discord Messages | Step-by-Step Guide

Discord is a popular app nowadays among the community of gamers and social people. It provides many stunning features such as chatting through text messages, voice or video calls and going live. But on Discord, the text messages will be maintained and recorded in the text channel of the server or DMs. 

However, sometimes Discord users want to delete the message after sending it to the server or DM for privacy concerns or mistakenly send the wrong message. Thanks to Discord which provides us with a feature to delete the Discord message easily.

The methods to delete messages in Discord have been demonstrated in this post.

How to Delete Discord Messages?

Deleting Discord messages helps users to maintain the privacy and security of their personal information in the messages section. Moreover, it helps to keep the chat history organized by removing old messages. 

To delete messages in Discord, two different approaches can be followed which are:

  • Deleting individual messages
  • Using bots

Method 1: Deleting Individual Messages

This is useful when only selective messages are supposed to delete from Discord. To delete individual messages in Discord, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Launch the Discord Application

First, launch the Discord application and open the chat history from which messages are supposed to be deleted. For example, we have launched the Discord application and opened the chat history of “maddox’s server”:

Step 2: Select the Message 

Locate and hover the message which is supposed to delete. Then, click on the “three dots”, to get more options:

A drop-down menu will appear, choose “Delete Message” from the displayed options:

A prompt will appear to confirm the decision of deleting the message, click on “Delete” to confirm the deletion:

Upon doing so, the message will be deleted from the Discord text channel:

Using this technique, Discord users can delete selected messages from Discord. 

Method 2: Delete Message Using the Bots

Sometimes users are required to delete the bulk messages with a single click and to do so, follow the steps mentioned in the next section. 

Step 1: Add the Bot

There are different bots that allow users to delete messages from Discord. One of the popular bots which can be used for this purpose is the “Lawliet” bot which can be added by following the blog

Step 2: Use the Bot’s Command

Now, use the “Lawliet Bot’s” command to clear the chat history of the messages:

/clear [enter the amount of messages you want to delete]

For example, we will delete the ten messages by using the “/clear” command of “Lawliet’s Bot”:

Press the ENTER key to execute the command:

The output shows that messages are deleted and the message history is clear:

That’s how the messages are deleted from Discord.


To delete the Discord messages, the user can either delete the single message using Discord delete message option or delete the bulk of messages in a single click with the help of bots like Lawliet Bot. This post has demonstrated both the mentioned method of deleting methods with step-by-step explanation.